The birds and the knees

Babies are pretty animalistic sometimes.  There seems to be no end to the analogies we’ve made about Stella since she’s been born.  Beginning with the snapping turtle (due to her unfortunate tendency to clamp down violently during nursing), she has since branched out.  Her high-pitched squealing/squeaking has really improved such that now our home sounds like an exotic bird sanctuary.  She seems to engage in this behavior whenever she’s really excited, somewhat agitated, or sleepy.  So pretty much any time.  I’m wondering if we’ll start losing panes of glass soon.  We took her to the zoo recently with another baby friend (this term includes one or more of the parents, by the way) and I was really hoping she’d start up.  I was interested to see if any of the birds there would respond to her.  Instead, she just stared in fascination at the other baby and a caterpillar before ultimately falling into a deep slumber.

She also now has this hysterical mad dog routine she does.  Towards the end of the day (the bitching hour), she will start to gnaw on any body part of mine that comes near.  It can be a shoulder, a chin, my kneecap, or arm.  She will clamp down on it and shake her face back and forth.  Often she’s vocalizing while this is happening, so there’s this funny little sound that goes with it (kind of like the Hamburglar from the old McDonald’s commercials).  I have most excellent video of it, but my phone is a piece of shit and wont’ let me send video.  In any case, she’s truly the cutest little Cujo I’ve ever seen.  I just wish I knew what this is about.  And if it continues, will she ultimate work some kind of crocodilian death roll into the routine?


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