She loves me, she loves me snot

I have to confess that before becoming a mommy myself, I used to look at snotty kids and be secretly repulsed.  All that mucous smearing their cheeks and caking their nostrils was revolting.  The revulsion extended to their parents, as surely they could do a better job at keeping their spawn clean, and if they couldn’t, why not keep them locked in their bedrooms?  Fast forward and now I have my own snotty offspring.  It took 7 months, but Stella finally became ill.  The worst was the earlier part, as she just felt bad and was pitiful.  The illness then morphed into a classic chest cold with nasal congestion.  She has a really gnarly cough that sometimes causes her chest to rattle.  And several times a day with no warning, her nose spews snot.

The positive (if you can speak positively about snot) is that it’s clear vs. green.  But it cakes up on her face.  I had no idea before this how wiping a baby’s face will truly enrage her/him.  Even the post-feed face-wipe to remove the rice cereal and mashed banana doesn’t elicit the same fury that trying to wipe congealed snot off their cheeks.  And forget about trying to remove boogers.  They won’t stand for it, damn it.

On Saturday morning, I looked over and was half alarmed/half amused to see snot bubble frothing forth from Stella’s nose.  Really, what are you supposed to do about that?  I wiped her nose (and experienced the standard venom and bile), but it seemed like it just needed to run its course, no pun intended.

The good news is that Monday we both went to doctors due to this virulent germ which seems to be wiping out everyone in its path.  Stella is fine and on the mend.  I wasn’t so lucky and am taking antibiotics.


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