Boobonic Plague

It’s now official:  as of yesterday afternoon, my entire household has been to the doctor this week.  Will relented and went after work.  He came home with antibiotics and an aching buttock from a steroid shot.  I was given no such shot.  I want an aching buttock, damn it.  Maybe that explains why I was only able to withstand 1.5 hours at the office today before returning home with my tail between my legs, dreaming of a nap.

In all seriousness, being a nursing mama is complicated when you’re sick.  I was pretty up-front about that when I went to the doc in the box on Monday (as well as my penicillin allergy……I never get the good stuff, only the poof drugs that take 8 times as long to work).  Immediately the doctor starting talking aloud about what she DIDN’T want to give me.  And when she did name that drug, I was given specific instructions NOT to nurse.  I left feeling pretty pissed off and upset that I’d have to go nearly a week without nursing.  Sure, I have a milk hoard that could feed the Gosselin family, but it’s that experience of nursing that I’d miss – that warm little body curled up to mine in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning (not the gumming and pulling that she does later in the day….that I could pass up).  When we took Stella to the doctor about an hour after my own visit, her pediatrician thought not nursing was absurd.  I was much relieved. 

In any case, there seems to end to what some folks won’t do/allow when you’re nursing.  I still feel like ass even though I only have 1 day’s worth of antibiotic left.  Crispy and I were supposed to get a tattoo together (not matching), but she found out most tattoo artists won’t touch a nursing mother.  Doctors won’t give you certain drugs/meds.  All in all, it’s made being ill more rotten than usual.  To make matters worse, while I was cleared to take Mucinex D (the only thing that really helps my congestion and cough), it seriously dries up everything (translation: it turned my boobs into deserts, damn it).  I can only hope that within a few days I may finally recover.  My next option may very well have to be some shaman with a chicken bone through his nose.


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  1. Happy mother’s day! I hope it was a good one. ^_^

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