Oh Chum All Ye Faithful

It’s been a hectic few weeks for our little gang.  As previously-documented, we all survived the plague.  The baby weathered it better than the grown ups, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.  We also have had 3 killer water oak trees removed from our yard.  While we hate to cut down any tree, these things were old and sick (the biggest one, in particular, was 15’ in circumference and was starting to rot from the inside out….with all 3 at 80-85’ tall, our little house was a crater waiting to happen) and we can now approach hurricane season with a sense of Zen. 

Stella changes each and every day.  It’s really pretty interesting to watch.  What’s really strange is how uneven the progress can be.  For instance, if you had asked me a week ago if she was starting to walk, I would have said YES.  She was pulling herself up constantly and got quite angry if you sat her down.  Now, she seems to be channeling her inner Frankenstein.  Her little body goes rigid, as if her joints have frozen up, Tin Man style, so when you try to encourage her to pull up, she just kind of flops to the side like a limp board (f that makes any sense at all).  She seems to have forgotten all about pulling up – her favorite thing to do a week ago.

Same thing with crawling attempts.  She really didn’t seem that interested in this method of locomotion, but recently she seems to be trying it out.  It always starts with a pretty good lunge.  And by lunge I mean she just suddenly throws her upper half in some general direction, regardless of what’s beneath her.  She’ll get one leg in front of her, but the other leg sticks.  You can tell she’s within 3 or 4 neurons of making this connection – that if only that other leg would slide beneath her, she’d be crawling.  But no.  It just kind of sticks there.  In the meantime, she still gets around.  There’s always the commando crawl, the tumbleweed, and the butt scoot.  Our new phrase around the house is “the poltergeist moved the baby again,” as you’ll leave her for about 45 seconds to go to the fridge and come back to find her about 6’ away from her original position and her body rotated about 120 degrees from start.  It just seems impossible that without walking/crawling she could move that fast.

Teething continues.  As a matter of fact, Will often tells me I’m full of shit – that teething can’t possibly take this long.  I point out that teething tends to start and stop.  It’s not all one push.  She continues to perform her mad dog routine, and is especially fond of my shin, my shoulder, and now my chin and jaw.  She chews on my face!!  It doesn’t feel really great.  We think we see some pale spots appearing on that lower gumline, so hopefully the end is in sight.  Of course, I don’t think the face-chewing will feel any better with teeth.  We broke down this weekend and bought a “feeding bag” for her to help her learn to chew food as well as alleviate teething discomfort.  These things are really pretty gross, in theory.  It’s like tiny chum bags for babies.  You put frozen bits of food in this mesh bag and let the kid gnaw on it until it disintegrates into their mouth or a 6’ radius area around them.


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