Keeping “up” appearances

It seems like we just woke up one day and had a very mobile baby.  I’m not sure what to call her method of locomotion (it’s a hybrid of crawling, scooting, commando-style belly crawling, and just basic lunging), but it’s effective.  When she sees something she wants, she goes for it.  The days of being able to plunk her down in front of the TV and feel reasonably sure she’ll be there when you get back from the bathroom are over.

That being said, it’s time to officially baby-proof.  Maybe we’re slackers, but I guess we figured we could wait until she was moving around to do it.  We figured we had plenty of time.  Well, that time is up.  As of yesterday, anything low down that she could knock over, break, hurt herself on has been picked up.  I left a few rocks around (yes, rocks.  I’m a geologist and I have rocks.), but nothing small enough to choke her is reachable and I don’t think she’ll find the few that are very interesting.

I noticed once the pictures and knick-knacks were up that the house looked odd.  Even stupid.  There was suddenly too much stuff on the top shelves of the bookcases, and nothing underneath.  It looks like our Christmas tree used to when I used to try to put up my nice stuff (and the stupid cats would unleash the Christmas jihad on my breakable ornaments, causing me to attempt to put them all on the upper branches).  Now I use plastic and if the furry nuts to happen to knock some about, no biggie.   I attempted to fill voids with some of Stella’s toys, but then it just made the living room look even more like a kid’s room.

That got me thinking, though.  There needs to be something cool for both grown-ups and babies to serve as decorative items.  Maybe sculptural elements out of plastic or resin that a kid can sit on, chew on, hang cheerios from that are also aesthetically pleasing.  Something just to add balance to our new shared world.  And to balance out the cheerios on the floor….which are absolutely everywhere.

I noticed the same thing with my neck/throat after she was born.  I always used to wear a necklace.  Now I can’t.  I looked so “nekkid” at first, and sometimes I still feel the absence of a bauble around my throat.  I’ve seen a couple of “teething necklaces” for moms, but I’ll be honest:  they kind of suck.  They’re big hippie-dippie rings on a cord.  The idea is sound, but the execution could be improved.


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