List Miserables

I readily admit I’m a control freak.  One of the ways this manifests itself is by pretty intense list-making.  I do love a good list.  There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing items off of a well-executed list.  Some of my lists contain sub-lists within them.  Since having a kid and being pretty much always tired/busy/overwhelmed, it’s gotten worse.  I have a notebook I carry around most of the time which contains grocery items to buy, things to buy/budget for long-term, meals to prepare for which day, coupons I have, etc…

Preparing to go out of town for 24 hours this coming weekend, I find myself with a list of required gear as cumbersome as if I were preparing to be stranded on an uninhabited island for 3 weeks.  I need the pack and play.  I need the sheets and waterproof pad for the pack and play.  Then there’s the clothing (2 regular outfits and 2 sets of PJs, because something catastrophic could happen….and the earth would end, of course, if the baby had to just chill in a diaper for half a day), the diapers, the wipes, the diaper cream (in case she spontaneously develops a skin lesion that can’t wait half a day until we return home….and oh yeah, there are no drugstores where I’m going [read sarcasm with myself here]).  And in order to maintain as much of our normal bedtime routine as possible (as one day gone may wreck it entirely), I feel compelled to list her sound machine, the baby monitor, and the 4 books I usually try to read her at night.  And don’t forget to pack at least 2 of the “strictly bedtime” pacifiers….the ones that don’t have the ring on them that gets caught if she turns her head while sleeping.  We’ll need toys.  At least a good grocery sack full of them.  And then there’s the “feeding list:” a cumbersome list in its own right.  We’ll need the breastpump, bottles (in case of a nursing strike), a couple of her spoons and bowls, some of her frozen food pucks I’ve made for her (which means dragging at least a small cooler), some sippie cups, bananas, her snacks (Cheerios, the Gerber rice poof things she likes), and lots of soft baby rags to wipe her face with.  And then bags to put all the dirty stuff in when we’re done.  And what if we go outside?  I better have some sunscreen.  And if we do that, then I’d better have the baby wash to clean her up with.

Yes, this last paragraph was as wordy as something Nathaniel Hawthorn may have composed (and he was/is a tiresome bastard to read), but you get my drift.  Reading it back to myself, there probably are some things I don’t HAVE to bring.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t list them, pack them, and cross them off.  So there.


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