“Pop”-ed Liver

As we navigate the treacherous tides of teething, it seems pretty apparent that I am Number One in the Universe right now.  This does not mean that she’s always happy when I’m around, but if I am around along with at least one other person, there can be only one – me.  Unfortunately, this tot-mandated caste system extends to her daddy as well.  Mommy is Brahman and Daddy is Untouchable.

This does seem to fly in the face of the stereotypical “daddy’s girl” image.  They even sell loads of t-shirts that declare this.  I can remember when we had our anatomy scan and learned that Stella would be a she, I was a bit bummed, thinking of future favoritism enjoyed by Will.  While my mom, Crispy, and I are incredibly close now, that sure as hell wasn’t always the case.

For now, however, I am basking (sometimes joyfully, sometimes not) in my status of eye’s apple.  It’s sweet.  It’s also exhausting.    This is not easy on me or her daddy.  Will’s feelings get quite hurt, and he has dubbed himself “chopped liver.”  I keep trying to explain that one day, he will be number one.  And that one day in the future, he will be number one for a looooooooong time – years, even.  But for now I guess I should just suck it up and soak up all the love.


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