Hump Day

As we continue on our exploration of odd kid behavior, a new little tic has popped up.  I’m even hesitant to mention it, as it seems just so…….wrong.  Whenever Stella first started trying to pinch and twist the skin of our necks off, I learned all about “self-soothing behavior.”  I certainly did not (and continue to not) love it, but it made sense in a painful kind of way.  I’d prefer thumb-sucking, but hey….  What are some abrasions and contusions in light of a happy and sleeping kid?

While not painful, this new thing is altogether different.  I noticed about a week ago that she was doing a whole lotta……pelvic thrusting, for lack of a better description.  Like the neck assaulting, this behavior seemed to pop up mainly when she was fairly tired or cross.  At first I thought it was a one or two day thing, but it has continued.  I finally got a bit concerned and thought I’d research it.

This caused a whole new world of anxiety, as how in the hell do you research something like this?  I had nightmare scenarios of having the feds come to my door accusing me of child porn based on internet searches.  Still, I was pretty anxious to know why my kid was acting like Britney Spears on X sometimes.  I finally shut my eyes, took a deep breath, and hit enter on the google search for “baby pelvic thrusting.”  Sure enough, lots of kids do this, both girls and boys.  It falls in the realm of self-soothing and can last for days to months.  Some of these odd parents even make jokes about humping teddy bears.  I simply cannot go there.

I do feel better that there’s no medical issue there (there were some cautions about it could be a yeast infection, but I’ve seen no indication of that during diaper changes), but it’s still disconcerting seeing a young innocent baby moving their body in a way that would be grossly inappropriate for anyone but a consenting adult in the privacy of their own home.  I’m hoping this passes pretty soon.


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One Response to Hump Day

  1. Terri G says:

    Ha ha! My two youngest granddaughters did/do this. Bailee who just turned 4 years old, just recently stopped–just in time for her 1 year old sister to begin! Imagine my daughter’s discomfort when Bailee was moved from the 2 year old class to the 3 year old class and her new caregiver asked Katy if she had ever noticed Bailee’s naptime “habit”. Another adventure in the Motherhood!

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