Live and Let Diet

So today is the first day of my first ever diet.   I figured this was the best possible time to try it, while my metabolism is still somewhat amped up from the breastfeeding.  I know that that is tapering off as Stella eats more and more solid foods.  I also know that since becoming pregnant and having a baby my tastes have changed (sweeter tooth, still cannot stand the thought of shrimp) and my eating habits have gotten a bit worse.  It’s easy to justify those extra fries or that extra piece of pizza when you’re eating for two (and by that I mean while nursing also…I swear I ate more then than when pregnant, especially at first).

To my credit, my diet isn’t all nachos and ice cream.  Just the other day I demolished a huge plate of Brussels sprouts.  I love those things, sautéed in just a bit of olive oil with a bit of salt.  But where I used to pretty much live on lean protein and veg, I now have certainly added other less wholesome food groups to my world – McDonald’s hash browns for instance.

So, even though I’m still nearly 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, I want to keep that off.  I am sad to report that at one point I was 13 pounds down, but that has slowly begun to creep up.  Better yet, I’d ideally like to drop about 15 pounds more.  This just seems to be a really good time to try.  I’m not getting any younger.  Nursing will soon be lessening even more.  We may have another kid in the next 2 years or so, and I’d like to be a healthier weight when/if that happens.

I will truly admit that this is all pretty much a function of vanity.  Physically, I feel fine.  But I’m tired of feeling crappy when I get dressed.  I have for a long time, even for several years before the baby.  I realize I’m nowhere near being something that you’d see on Discovery channel being pried out of her house by paramedics with a special gurney but I honestly don’t feel that great about myself.

So here goes.  I’m trying the Dukan diet.  Don’t ask me why I’ve picked this one vs. any other fad diet.  I’ve read much of the guy’s book and there are some pretty good bits in there.  Then again, in just about every diet there are good bits.  Ultimately it comes down to changing one’s habits.  I figure if I can quit smoking, I can certainly do this.  I’m hoping that by telling as many people that the shame of not following through will add to my motivation.


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One Response to Live and Let Diet

  1. I highly recommend watching Fat Head if you haven’t yet, now that you bring up diets. 😉 I’ve been reading a lot of books on kindle lately through amazon about how saturated fat clogging arteries is a myth.

    I myself have been trying to get off of sugar and starch, but oh man is it hard. Bread and sugar are some of my favorite things to put on my tongue. >_<

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