Live and Let Diet, Vol. 2

I have now been on the Dukan Diet for 24 hours.  It’s an odd thing, this diet business.  Yesterday for breakfast I made steak and eggs.  While this seems appealing if you’re at the IHOP, it’s quite different when you’re eating it at home because you “have” to.  I also lamented the lack of my usual copious amounts of butter in which I typically cook my eggs.  Lunch was tuna salad (made w/fat free mayo) and a yogurt cup (also fat free) with my oat bran.  While the taste of the oat bran is not at all unpleasant, its texture raw is something akin to a pine cone which has been run through a wood chipper.  Snack was a devilled egg.  Dinner was chicken.  Just chicken.

The book warns that you may feel a bit sluggish the first few days and I do feel a bit lethargic (maybe more than usual).  Then again, I had some crazy dreams.  Maybe it’s all the protein that my system has been flooded with.  I will say that the scale was down 3 pounds this morning.  I am not, however, celebrating.  Our final culinary debauch before starting this diet was pizza washed down with gin & tonics.  No doubt I’m simply dewatering from the delicious salty pizza.

Today my day started with my oat bran in porridge form (which was actually quite nice) and some turkey bacon.  Lunch is meat and dinner is….more meat.  It does seem counter-intuitive that I’m living off of meat for a solid week.  My teeth long for texture.  I would love to bite down on a cracker or feel a nice grape between my molars.  Still, I’m intending to hang with it.

I was working from home for most of yesterday and it was really apparent how much random crap I ate without even being aware of it and how easy it would be to cheat, also with no awareness.  Just feeding Stella is a minefield. It’s so easy to snap up a spare animal cracker or bit of cheese that she didn’t want.  Never have I felt the siren song of a Teddy Graham as I did yesterday.  No one would know, after all, if I had just one.  Stella’s not talking.  It would be between me and that toasty brown and delicious bear.

I’m off to dream of produce and butter.  Soon, at least, we get to have some veg.  I’ll be rocking some serious green beans in no time at all.


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