Live and Let Diet, Vol. 3

Well, as I climbed on the scale today I was down 4 pounds.  I think this is maybe a bit more accurate than the post-pizza-binge weight.  But while the number is getting smaller, I don’t feel any lighter.  On the contrary:  I feel as if my torso was full of sand.  It’s an odd sensation.  My dreams at night are also pretty crazy for me.  I’d be interested to find out if others that do this meat-fest type diet encounter the same thing.

I am drinking water like crazy.  Not so much because le bon médecin (Monsieur Dukan) is telling me to do so, but because I seem to be naturally craving it.  As a consequence, I’m probably fulfilling my 20 minutes (minimum) of walking per day running back and forth to the bathroom.  I guess my breast milk is ok.  I haven’t caught Stella bench pressing her Fisher Price work bench yet due to an increase in protein.

I am still very much looking forward to some fruit and veg, although it’s going to be at least a few weeks until I can have some fruit.  I must confess that as I fed Stella her pureed cherries last night that I was really really jealous.  Even that minestrone she was eating (beaten to a pulp, of course) looked delicious.  Yes, I’m jealous of my kid’s mushy baby food.

I think the biggest worries today are A) keeping up the variety in what we’re eating, and B) what in the world will we do this weekend???  We really won’t be able to get out and enjoy a meal anywhere (which we typically do at least once per weekend) and it’s still so blasted hot that it’s difficult to plan things outside. Will and I also won’t be able to enjoy our customary post-baby going to bed cocktail.  It’s strange how much of our usual summer hibernation revolves around eating and drinking.  If anything, that will be a lesson learned from this.


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