Live and Let Diet, Vol. 4

We have now survived 5 full days on the Dukan Diet.  If I never see another piece of sirloin, it’ll be too soon.  The weight continues to drop, but only at about a pound a day.  I figure we’ll make it through Sunday just fine before switching to phase 2.  I’m already dreaming of what life will be like with vegetables again.

We’ve both been extra tired at night.  Not sure if it’s the odd dreams or not.  I also have a teething baby to contend with.  Will takes the call if it’s before he goes to bed (which is customarily later than I do), so that I only catch calls after midnight or 1:00 AM.  Lately we’ve been all over the place with that.

I have tried making the oat bran into pancakes.  They don’t taste bad at all, but density-wise, it’s like trying to eat a magazine.  Still, it’s the closest thing to bread you get, so I’m more than happy to eat it.  I think Will likes it less than I do.  He’s also pretty damn happy to be eating meat, meat, and more meat.  Today when I packed his lunch, he went to work with 3 steaks.  I just couldn’t eat one today.  I had some over-dry chicken breast which I attempted to moisten with fat-free mayo mixed with just a touch of lemon juice.  It wasn’t bad.  Better than steak.

I’ve also been terrified of having bad breath.  The book warns of that, for whatever reason.  Fortunately, I’m always compulsively flossing and brushing my teeth anyway due to the constant supply of meat fibers that find their way into my mouth.  I think that meat is now worse than corn in my book as far as its ability to stow away in your molars.

I do have to say that the cravings aren’t as bad.  I really, really miss stuff.  I would love to have a glass of wine in my hand right now, but it’s going to be weeks before that happens (well, I have to be honest that we’ll probably have a glass or two on our anniversary at the end of the month, with at least 2 days of pure protein to make up for it afterwards).  This really is a whole lot like quitting smoking.  It’s a matter of will power.

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