Every which way but lose: The diet continues

I am officially on day 4 of the “cruise phase” of the Dukan diet.  Will and I both did 7 full days on the “attack phase,” where in we ate nothing but protein and fat-free dairy.  Monday morning, I had a salad for breakfast and practically wept with joy.  Never has there been plumper, more glorious tomatoes.  The world has never known sweeter and crisper cucumbers.  But then (cue suspenseful music):  the scale.  Despite sticking quite well to the list of “allowable” food, the scale went up a pound that next day.  I have to say, that was a blow.  During the attack phase, there was a drop each day.  That was encouraging.  That made the nights of pining for some popcorn and a glass of wine worth it.

I have since read that many on the initial days of the cruise phase either rebound or plateau, but then quickly adjust.  And who knows. Maybe I was so delighted to once again eat something from the plant kingdom that I overindulged (I guess you could gain weight if you eat enough celery).  I think that I’ll reevaluate in a week or so.  If necessary, I may start doing 2 days of pure protein for every 1 day of mixed.  I want this strict stuff over and done with.

But that may be the problem.  I certainly don’t want to have dropped 15-20 pounds just so I can start eating like a hippo again.  After all, I guess that is at least in part what got me here to begin with.  I’m hoping that by demonstrating to myself that I don’t need all this crap that when I’m allowed to once again have crap, I can make do with less crap.

And speaking of…Not to be gross but I’ve noticed that there is much less of that, too, and that surprisingly the veg days don’t help.  I don’t mean that I find myself backed up.  Pleasantly, I seem to have largely avoided that.  I guess there’s just less garbage to be eliminated.

I did notice a bit of a downward trend in my milk production last week, but it seems to have rebounded this week.  Then again, that is almost a non-issue at this point, given how much Stella eats of solid food now and how much still remains in the good ol’ milk hoard.


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