I Gotta Hand Foot and Mouth It To Ya

We interrupt this regularly scheduled diet update to bring you the news.  There is a plague upon our house.  After dodging so many illness bullets from the carrier monkeys that cross our paths on a daily basis (and spending so much of this past cold and flu season under Level A quarantine), Stella has gotten sick again.  This time, it’s a doozy. 

Several weeks ago now, Stella’s nanny’s little boy starting feeling ill and running a fever.  We kept her home that next day to help the nanny’s nerves and minimize any contagion.  It also turned out that this would give the nanny’s house days to get over it, as this was a Thursday (I telecommute Fridays and am home on weekends, of course).  However, that next Sunday, I got a text saying her little girl and Stella’s BFF was running temp.  Long story short, by the next day the BFF had developed little bo-bos on her feet and I was hearing of Hand Foot and Mouth (HFM, from now on) for the first time.

This is one of those wild and weird viruses that young kiddos get and spread around like crazy.  You typically see it in daycares, which is why it’s so odd that any of these kids had it.  In any case, we kept Stella clear of the nanny’s for 2 full weeks.  Finally last week, she went back.  The week passed and we seriously thought all was well.  Until Sunday night.

So far, it’s pretty textbook, with the fever and the bo-bos on the expected places.  Poor little thing has a really gnarly collection in and around her diaper area (I guess HFM and Diaper Area is just too laborious to say).  That is by far the worst.  I seriously feel bad even having to change her, but the alternative isn’t any better. 

When passing on the news to some people, I’ve already been asked more than once “is it like hoof and mouth?”  It’s kind of hard not to get snarky (particularly when you’re tired and just feel horrible for your poor little girl who is clearly miserable) and say “sure.  Only Stella has hands and feet instead of hooves.”  And a single-chambered stomach.  And her molars won’t be nearly as impressive.  Etc…

I hope the worst is over.  It seems the fever is finally breaking on its own without Tylenol or Motrin (although I have suspended the use of the latter since it gave her the back-door trots….just what her poor little “diaper area” needs right about now).  It’s also probably a good thing I’m on this psycho diet, since I’d probably be eating and drinking myself into a coma out of sheer worry and frustration.

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