An open letter to Nickelodeon

To whom it may concern,

I have always enjoyed cartoons, even as a grown-up.  Once upon a time I used to get annoyed with your network for playing anything other than Spongebob.  Then it was about me and MY cartoons.  Now, however, I’m a parent.  Spongebob can stick it around my house, quite frankly.  We’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

My kid is mesmerized by the Bubble Guppies.  From the time she was 3 or 4 months old, there was something about that cartoon that just dazzled her.  Molly, the pink one, would swim out and say hello and my baby’s face would light up in the biggest smile.  Every time.  She hasn’t tired of Molly or her pals   yet.  And I think she has a crush on that scamp Mr. Grouper.

My problem is that for months now we have still been watching the same 15 episodes over and over.  Actually, only 14.  The Have a Cow episode makes my kid cry for some crazy reason so it has been purged from our Bubble Guppies universe.  The rest are saved on our DVR where we watch them whenever we need to soothe the savage toddler.  She recently became ill and we had them on loop.  I can quote each and every episode. 

All that being said, you are not being a generous network.  For months you’ve been airing ads/trailers which show footage that does not appear in your current rotation.  You, selfish bastards, are sitting on fresh NEW episodes and are not sharing.  I see scenes with a rocket (not featured in either The Moon Rocks or the space scenes in The Legend of Pinkfoot) and a dinosaur (not the dinosaur skeleton we see via x-ray in Call a Clambulance).  Where are these episodes???  Come on, man.  Give us a taste.  We need it.  We need something new.

I have googled your network as well as Bubble Guppies, but get no information other than “new episodes to air in 2011-2012.”  Way to be specific.   How many?  When do we get them?  While I understand that your primary concern (other than money, being that you’re not PBS) is kids’ brains, you must know that you are absolutely melting the parents’ brains around them.  We, too, require additional stimulation.

I beg of you, release the episodes that you’re hoarding.  Mr. Grouper would want you to share.


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