Nurse Wretched, and Other Notes From the Cuckoo’s Nest

So with little fanfare, it seems as if Stella and I have transitioned into active weaning. I had noticed it was becoming harder and harder to nurse over the past several months. When she was fully awake, it was often like trying to hug a non-cooperative angry midget to my chest, and it had been eons since it was safe to nurse in public. Those grabby hands would snatch nursing covers off faster than you could blink. Also, with so much solid food going down the hatch, my milk simply wasn’t as necessary. Yesterday, I dragged the old breastpump with me to work and didn’t use it. It wasn’t so much a conscious thing. I looked up and it was 2:00 and my boobs didn’t feel like over-inflated balloons. I thought I’d feel a bit more sad about this, but it’s ok so far. I have made it a year, which was my goal. I also realize that it’s not as if the taps abruptly shut off. I figure we’ll transition to morning and evening nursing, and then finally to one evening session. The other times just aren’t as “fun” anymore. And by that I mean that she’s now fully bipedal, so wrangling her to nurse is damn near impossible. Also, for whatever reason she has recommenced with the biting. She has stripped the finish off of part of her crib. She chews holes in board books. My boobs don’t stand a chance. In other news (as it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to sit down and blog), as mentioned above, she’s walking. It’s crazy. One day, she’s crawling. The next day, she’s up and running around. She still has moments when she’s like a little drunk, but she very quickly became good at it. That has added an additional challenge, however. Well, several. We now must be extra vigilant about what she can get to. But worse than that, I don’t know that there are words to explain how frustrating it is to jam shoes on a toddler. I thought putting pants on her was bad enough, but shoes…. She arches her fat little feet and simply will not be still. I think it would be easier to get the Palestinians and Israelis to share a milkshake than it often is to fully dress my kid from head to toe. I miss the simple days of onesies. Finally, I am still on my cockamamie diet. It’s been nearly 5 full weeks and I’m down about 15 pounds. Yes, it’s getting harder, particularly during intervals where it seems like the scale just doesn’t move. And then there’s the knowledge that birthday season is upon us. All 3 of us have birthdays within 12 days of each other, and there will be some feasting going on in the periphery. I think I’m going to ask the birthday fairy for some peanut butter pie that I can smell for mine.


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