It’s the late pumpkin

I always thought time passed quickly before I had a kid. Now, it moves at warp speed. Seems like just yesterday I posted my last blog, but I see that it’s been a while. I shall try to do better for those of y’all that follow along.

In any event, although I spent most of my “youth” vowing to never have a kid, you could say that I was born to have a kid…..for Halloween. It’s my favorite. Even last year, fresh from a c-section, I managed to put poor Stella into a costume – this bunting-style carp costume. It was cute. She hated it. We didn’t go anywhere. We have pictures of her screaming in it with her father standing over her brandishing a giant fork that normally hangs on our kitchen wall.

I had higher hopes for this year. She’s walking and a whole lot more into life in general. Still, I was aware that she wasn’t going to really “get” it, nor is she in a position to eat candy (I am still something of a food nazi with my child). Nevertheless, I was excited. Will and I went as Tele-tubbies a couple of years ago, paying a butt-load of money for what are really some of the more terrifying costumes you can get without delving into the world of fake blood. We recycled them this year (Will as Tinky-Winky, me as Po) and I found a green one (Dipsy??) for Stella.

A huge chunk of Will’s family lives on one single street about 15 miles away from us. Every year, they do Halloween BIG out there. They organize the most amazing tableaus (pirates, aliens, witches, etc…) complete with generator-powered light-effects and pyrotechnics. They hitch trailers to tractors lined with bales of hay for a trick-or-treat expedition through the scenery. The older kids are on one trailer, the little ones on another, such that the really scary stuff can be segregated and the little ones can be given bags of goldfish crackers rather than a snickers bar that they can’t eat. It’s impressive. Really. Stella did great, despite the fact that she was out and about way past her bedtime (another realm in which I will admit to being nazi-like). There were TONS of people and kids out there.

I was very glad that we had this experience as our actual Halloween day was totally ruined by the germ from hell. Stella developed a typical runny nose, but this time it morphed. She felt way too poorly to go out trick or treating, and I was so busy trying to soothe her that I didn’t even turn on our porch lights to try to hand out candy. Turns out she had a very bad cold that morphed into ear infections. Yes, plural. Our 13 month record of no ear infections and no antibiotics has been laid to waste. I was ridiculously upset about Halloween. Next year, there WILL be trick or treating if I have to drag her around in an iron lung. Hey…. That would be a killer costume!

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