Must Sea TV

My unintentional research into the wonderful world of children’s programming continues.  While we watch all kinds of stuff, the Bubble Guppies still reign supreme over here.  As many of you know, Nickelodeon went about 5 months without putting out a new episode.  This was finally remedied during the end of September, and they’ve been dribbling out a new episode here and there ever since.  In case a random Nick exec happens upon this blog, thank you for that!

Since I do end up spending so much time with the Guppies, I end up with a whole lot of random issues and observations.  For starters, who picks the topics for these shows?  We’ve had 2 episodes dealing with music (marching and rock bands), one with grocery stores (useful), and the post office (obsolete to a degree?).  Pirates are common in many, and we just had a new episode of nothing but pirates.  But is that appropriate?  Pirates are not kindly benevolent people.  They were (are) violent and unscrupulous thieves.  And the modern pirates (Somalis) are costing lots of people their lives as well as millions of dollars in ships and cargo.  Not so funny now, is it, Mr. Grouper?  And where are their parents (ditto for Max and Ruby, although we at least see their grandmother from time to time)?  Are the Guppies all orphans?  We see other grown-ups, but no parents for these mer-children.  Is it like an underwater Children of the Corn?  Will Bubble Puppy ever grow up (and be stuck with a juvenile name)?  I suppose the lack of adult supervision also translates into a lack of submarine obedience schools;  that animal is out of control.

And speaking of, in the latest pirate episode, we noticed that the animation is much better.  I guess since the show did well, they upped their efforts and budget.  That’s great.  But Molly all the sudden is much much darker.  Like she’s spent way too much time in the Jersey Shore.  Are they trying to push her ethnicity now that she’s beloved by children everywhere?  Or maybe they’re going to do an episode on the dangers of tanning/sun exposure?

The Halloween episode was interesting.  Zombies were featured prominently with the explanation that “zombies are really spooky monsters.”  Call me old-fashioned, but when I was a kid, zombies weren’t really a big thing.  Sure, we had the mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolves, ghosts, and witches.  But Zombies?  And the explanation that they’re spooky monsters is rather oversimplifying, isn’t it?  Zombies are animated corpses that for whatever reasons like to nosh on the still living.  Then again, I guess the actual explanation of the others (dead person, famous dead person with a penchant for blood, monster of stitched-together dead people, a person that turns into a murderous wild beast during certain moon phases, spirit of dead people, stereotypical evil woman who has made a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers) isn’t so hot either.

I do look forward to seeing what’s next.  I would think that they’ll skip the potential “Occupy Bubbletucky” episode.  I would assume there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas shows, although that would probably be a PC minefield for Nickelodeon.  Whatever they do, I hope they keep it light and fun for the kid.  No starving colonists or woman in labor in the wilderness forced to deliver – sans anesthetic – in a barn.


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1 Response to Must Sea TV

  1. Christi Bertram says:

    One of your best and funniest yet!

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