Bellow Yellow

Kids have their own idea about what = fun.  Case in point, birthdays or Christmases where kids find more enjoyment in the boxes than in the toys those boxes contain.    We’re not quite there with Stella, but there are some pretty amusing toy-based idiosyncrasies that have developed.

As with most households containing a child, ours is bursting with kid-stuff.  We have carefully selected stuff that is cute, educational, or cool (by our standards, anyway).  Some of this has been enjoyed.  Her toy toolbench, for instance.  This was something we registered for, largely as we were trying as hard as possible to be non-girlie.  She has always really gotten into that and still plays with it regularly.  Other items, such as the really neat stuffed planet toy I found, have been totally ignored unless she’s tossing them out of her way.

Educational stuff has been an even bigger bust.  This is not to say that she hasn’t played with the stacking sets or put-the-____-in-the-right-sized-hole toys.  It’s just that she separates out the medium-sized bucket of the stacking set to carry around and bang on or selects the blue square peg to chew on, hole be damned.  We work with her on how we feel she should be playing with it, but I think that if she had the hand-eye coordination to flip us off, she would do so.

What is certain is that there is a strange assortment of items that she just loves.  Her yellow plastic stick of butter is one of them.  She looks like a cute little Paula Deen running around the house slobbering over her stick of butter.  Future celebrity chef maybe?  She also continues to adore a dollar store plastic yellow shovel Crispi got her at the beach (technically it’s a $.33 cent shovel, since it came with a bucket and a sand mold).  What’s even better is banging the shovel and stick of butter together while bellowing.  Then there’s the yellow Kimochi doll, part of a bigger set I got her for her birthday.  It was a big stuffed purple octopus-type monster that came with little emotion dolls.  She only likes the yellow one (designated as “silly”).

The main common denominator is that most of her favorite objects seem to be the color yellow.  She does likes her plastic roasted chicken, but it is a yellow/tan color, and frequently gets banged together with the shovel and stick of butter.  I haven’t had a chance to research it, but I’d be curious to know if 13 months old is too young to start developing strong color preferences.  I’d certainly support yellow over pink!!


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