Fa la ga ga ga

As an adult, I’m sadly into Christmas.  I decorate.  I’ve always been the (freak) one with cards addressed and in the mail the day after Thanksgiving, sending out piles and piles of them.  I’ve always loved “playing Santa,” whether it be for Will or folks at work.  Now, I have this wonderful kid to do it for.  I have to say, it’s easy to go nuts.  Maybe it’s a good thing that money’s tight, or Stella’s haul would be beyond obnoxious as would my “santa-ness.”  I’d be tempted to send out Halloween, Xmas, New Year’s, AND Valentine’s cards, only to share the spirit and cuteness with everyone.  Of course, my kid is getting harder to photograph than Bigfoot. 

I’ll be honest.   Last Christmas, Stella was really no fun at all.  We went at it with the best of intentions, getting her fed and changed before the first gift was broken out, then setting up the video camera to capture every second of the First Christmas.    It was awful.  She screamed through the whole thing.  By the end, we were saying to each other “Just open the damn thing so we can get this over with.”  I never even bothered to watch the video.

This year is a new ballgame.  I just can’t wait to see how she reacts Xmas morning.  While she certainly doesn’t get it yet, she certainly is entertained by the trappings thus far.  We actually had the tree out and the inside of the house decorated the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  I hadn’t necessarily planned on that, but Will was willing and we had a quiet afternoon so voila!  The outside stuff went out on Thanksgiving, per tradition.  There’s nothing like getting your husband stuffed with food, shoving a beer in his hand, and sending him up a ladder.  She’s not quite sold on the inflatable snowman.  I really wanted the Yo Gabba Gabba! inflatable, but can’t swing $80 for it this year.  Maybe I can snag one on clearance in January.   Who am I kidding?  There will be none left.  Who WOULDN’T buy a Yo Gabba Gabba! inflatable if they had $80??

Stella runs from the inflatable snowman

I guess it’s fair to say that I may still enjoy Christmas this year more than my child.  But this will be the last time I can say that.


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