It was the breast of times, it was the worst of times….

Children have no sense of boundaries whatsoever.  They don’t know that most of us (even parents) have some amount of personal space that we feel entitled to from time to time, or that some body parts just aren’t made for sharing all the time.  If a kid needs some extra leverage to pull him/herself up on the couch, they don’t care that it’s your crotch they’re grabbing.

One issue I’m now having with Stella is that it’s time to take my boobs back.  I really don’t blame her for the confusion.  For 6 months, they were her sole source of nutrition.  Even now, she nurses right before going to bed (only on the right side…..for some reason subconsciously I let the left finally dry up).  I predict that this will only last another couple of weeks before I try to phase that last little bit of nursing out.  When she’s tired, it’s not unusual for her to come up and put her head on my chest.  Not in that “I’m just resting my forehead here for a sec” kind of way, but in the “got milk?” kind of way.

One interesting thing she does now when she’s trying to fall asleep is to jam at least one arm down the shirt of whoever happens to be holding her.  With me, though, she tries to get under the bra as well ( I assume that it’s only with me….I figure I would have heard otherwise if that wasn’t the case).  She’s pretty damn insistent about it.  It’s pretty uncomfortable and it looks a bit odd to whoever may be present and watching.  She gets pretty angry when you pull her hand out or try to block her with your own hand.

Clearly she has laid claim to my boobs, even now that they’re not absolutely necessary to her.  It’s something to work on, certainly.  I don’t guess this will be our last power struggle.


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