Couching Tiger, Hidden Teddy Graham

Most of us semi-OCD control freaks have a chore schedule.  At least I always have.  You know exactly when laundry needs to be done such that no one in the house has to wear something ridiculous for lack of anything normal and clean.  You know how long the carpet/floor can go without being vacuumed or swept in order to avoid drifts of cat hair.  You know how long you can really push having to clean the stupid bathrooms (can you tell that’s not my favorite?).  There are designated days for these tasks thrown off only by the appearance of visitors or holidays.

I had to seriously re-adjust my chore schedule with Stella.  For instance, Sunday was always laundry day.  Now I need laundry days…not many, but I usually have to do a load mid-week.  I used to be able to go 2-3 weeks without vacuuming the large area rug in the living room.  Now, that would be a dangerous (and nasty) proposition.

I discovered yesterday that I need to add another chore to my schedule – something that’s never been on my radar before: vacuuming out the couch.  To explain, for years and years we had the same couch.  When we moved into our house about 2.5 years ago, we got a new one.  The old one didn’t have cushions that you could remove.  Hence, there wasn’t much of a danger of debris collection.  Our new couch has cushions.  Oh yes it does.

Stella and I were watching TV in the morning when she sneezed and expelled the nu nu.  Magic bullet-style, it somehow arced and ended up beside her and down into the abyss of the cushions.  When I retrieved it, this unimaginable mélange of crumbs and hair came up with it (suffice it to say that nu nu immediately went into the dishwasher for sterilization).  I was horrified.  I got our little dustbuster vacuum and stripped the cushions for vacuuming.  I found decapitated Teddy Grahams, bits of French fry, something that may once have been a chicken nugget.  It was awful.  I had no idea.

The worst thing is that after all that, I only found one nickel for my trouble.


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