Rock of Ages 0-4

I’ve already written once about the horror I discovered under my couch cushions – that mélange of old chicken nuggets, goldfish cracker bits, and teddy graham crumbs.  While I have vowed to never, ever let it get that bad again under those cushions, I’ve noticed that a similar phenomenon pops up all over the house on a continuous basis, regardless of my cleaning schedule.

As an example, there is a small valley between the walls of Attica (the fenced in part of Club Stella) and the outer perimeter of the actual room.  While I diligently vacuum it out each and every week, the sheer volume of detritus that I find each time is pretty disgusting.  Also, the carpet itself in the middle of Attica is a splendor of baby debris within an hour or two after vacuuming.  This is extra special as it’s often cemented by spilled water/juice/milk from sippy cups unceremoniously hurled to the floor when she’s done.  While dusting this past weekend, I noticed that she’s somehow managing to toss crumbs/whole crackers on top of the entertainment center (just outside of Attica’s walls) so that it mixes with the normal dust on top of the DVR.

As a rock nerd, I have to acknowledge that the sedimentation patterns in my home have changed for good.  If I leave it long enough, it may become solid.  I shall call it “toddlerite.”


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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