Safety Dance

The taste in television continues to change around our house.  The Bubble Guppies are still loved, but not with as much zeal.  Instead, Team Umizoomi is reigning supreme.  This is all a bit frustrating, as after the huge dry spell of new BG episodes last year, they are releasing them fairly frequently now.  The only problem is they have no….soul.  While their animation is higher quality, the shows just don’t grab you anymore (unless you stare too long at Jersey Shore Molly….then you get caught up with watching how her tan ebbs and flows from segment to segment).

TU is an ok cartoon, but the more I watch it, the more issues I find.  I work in a profession where I occasionally have to visit what some people would find to be potentially dangerous places –chemical plants and refineries.  When you arrive at these places (after clearing security that rivals something the TSA would put together…just without the cupping of boobs or the thumb up your butt), there is no question that you will don PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  Depending on where you are, you will have on steel-toed boots (simply  not fashionable like they used to be), safety glasses, flame-retardant jumpsuits, and/or hardhats.  Some places require hearing protection or the presence of sulphur monitors or rescue respirators.  Nothing makes a girl feel sexier than a hard hat and nomex.

ANYWAY, the point of all that is that many jobs require PPE or other safety requirements (special licenses to operate machinery or vehicles, for instance).  TU does not set a good safety example.  They are often featured doing things or performing tasks with no regard for this stuff.  They are firefighters who charge off without gear.  Ditto for race-car drivers. (Umicar doesn’t seem to have safetly features like a roll cage).  Bot has been a taxi driver, but does at least procure a “special taxi license” out of his bot-bot-bot-o-mat.  They go to barns to milk all of Umi City’s cows without boots or any concern for the cow germs.

But there are many other (unaddressed) dangers in Umi City.  Geo and Bot get stuck in blobs of honey only to be scooped up by Silly Bear who is collecting honey for a cake he’s baking.  Unfortunately, Silly Bear is unobservant and cannot hear their screams due to the fact that he’s listening to music on his headphones.  Long story short, Geo and Bot almost get it concentration-camp style in Silly Bear’s oven.  And while you’re happy they’re safe, you also have to wonder what else is in that damn honey that DIDN’T get rescued at the last minute?  Bugs?  Sticks?  Rocks?  Dog shit?

Umi City is a dangerous, dangerous place.


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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One Response to Safety Dance

  1. Terri says:

    Congratulations! You are now a bonefide regulator! You’ve been here too long!!!!

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