Pony Up

After my total meltdown last week, I am a bit more Zen and focused.  I have decided that rather than lament the extremely remote chance that something is very wrong, I shall be as proactive as possible in remediating any potential problem with language.  We are moving forward (at the government’s pace) on the assessment, but my mom-gut tells me that at the very most, we’ll be dealing with a speech delay.  Regardless, I’ve already been informed that she must show a 25% deficiency before they’ll do anything.  How in the hell you quantify that, I don’t know.  You’d think, however, that after working for a government entity myself I’d be prepared for such things.

But back to positive thinking.

After a tantrum last week, I started digging through our stuff and found a baby sign language book and card set that Will had brought home when Stella was still a wee babe.  At the time, I though it was overkill.  After all, we have educational and enriching toys all over the place.  I never learned to sign when I was a kid.  I didn’t even have educational cartoons like what’s on Nick Jr…..I watched Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner.  So, this book got relegated to the bowels of one of our many bookshelves for the next 15 months.  When I told Will I wanted to work on a few basic signs, he found the Baby Signing Times DVDs.  These are featured as shorts on Nick Jr, where this perky little lady sings catchy little songs while signing.  Random children are featured doing these signs.  So began the Baby Signing Time marathon at our house.

Let me tell you something: this stuff is like cognitive acid, etching into your brain.  But Stella loves it.  She’ll watch it without moving a muscle for the longest time.  That’s great.  What isn’t great is that I now know a full retinue of baby sign language, and those damn songs stay with me.  I could listen to the Safety Dance only to have it replaced immediately with Eat Eat What a Treat.  And that’s saying something.  The Safety Dance is quite catchy.  Fortunately, I’ve ordered a bunch of other DVDs for some variety.

In any case, I swear I’ve now heard her say “apple” and “bubbles” a whole lot now.  And I’m thinking maybe she’s a bit lazy, hence the lack of pointing (that or I’m a helicopter mom, and never made her need anything enough to a sufficient degree that she had to let me know about it).  Anyway, at dinner now I put her favorite stuff in a row on the counter and make her show me what she wants.  She points to the Gerber cheesy poofs ( her little hand is cocked, gangsta-like).  Hell, I’ll buy a case of those if it cements the action.  And I swear she made the eat sign several times.  Or it may have been she was licking poof dust off of her fingers.  You start to wonder if you’re hearing and seeing these things or if you just really want to.

What’s sad is that she could ask for a pony (or a new 2012 Mustang, for that matter), and we’d probably give it to her in our excitement of hearing her little voice.  Too bad she’s too little to realize it.


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