Private Dick

So we’re still sort of in this nebulous world of sort of but not really talking.  That doesn’t mean that my kid is silent.  Indeed, she is usually chattering up a storm.  The vast majority of it is nonsense, but every once in a while she accidentally says a real word.  Sometimes she says the accidental real word more than once.  Sometimes this accidental real word is something you’d rather not hear coming out of her mouth.

The first major example of that is that for the longest time now, she’ll get on a kick where she likes to bellow “gay!”  Now, I know damn well she’s not really saying “gay.”  There is just something aobut  that particular consonant-vowel combo that’s appealing.  It’s even more appealing when it’s shouted.  We have lots of gay friends.  Most of them have a really good sense of humor, but I’m constantly afraid Stella’s going to offend.

Just now I swear she shouted “dick!” at the TV.  I hope this one doesn’t stick.


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2 Responses to Private Dick

  1. When Lilah tries to say sock she says something that sounds more like “cock” instead. Also, when she tries to say vacuum, it sounds like, “fuck you”.

  2. Boss says:

    Let’s bring Stella and Lilah to our June 5th meeting.

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