Bile You Were Sleeping

We had a good run. Statistics say that most kids 3 and under get at least 2 stomach viruses a year – more if they’re in daycare.  We finally got ours after 19 months.  It started very abruptly last night about 2 hours after she went to bed.  She woke, crying, and after it was apparent she wasn’t going to put herself back down, I went in to lay down on the floor beside her, pat on her, etc…  After about 10 minutes, she got on all fours and proceeded to heave up every bit of her dinner.  Unfortunately for me, dinner was large and stinky (those damn fish sticks again….and I thought they smelled bad coming out the other end).

Not since the very beginning of parenthood have I had such a “what the hell do you do now?!” moment.  I hollered for Will, as divide and conquer seemed the only real solution.  The baby was screaming and covered with nastiness and she had some horrific smelly piles in her crib.  By picking up the baby, Will and I were both quickly smeared with smelliness.  Since I’m the rock star, the baby wanted me to hold her.  Will got stuck with the muck in the crib.  As soon as he had dealt with that, we were in the living room having a conference on how to handle the night.  Stella barfed again, this time all down my front (and hers, of course).  Another “what the hell do you do now?!” moment passes.  Finally, I put the baby down long enough to strip off my gown, pick her up, strip her down to her diaper, wait for Will to bring some warm rags to clean ourselves up with, and lament all the damn laundry this is generating: crib sheet, crib mattress pad, 2 sets of baby pj’s, 2 sleeping costumes of mine, Will’s outfit….and counting).  I caught a very unfortunate glimpse of myself in the living room window: a tired, out of shape, naked mom holding a naked screaming kid while standing in a puddle of puke.

That was the worst of it (for me).  The poor kid woke up trying to puke every hour and a half right on the dot.  Of course by then it was dry heaves.  I slept holding her on the couch in a semi-upright position, as that seemed to help her stomach a bit.  Maybe.  What the hell do I know?

This morning, we’re almost 2 hours without a puke and with a good bit of Pedialyte down her gullet.  She’s romping around like nothing ever happened. I feel like I’ve been hit by a big smelly truck and I’m surrounded by laundry (we had some more casualties by dawn).  From what I understand, I’m to keep her well hydrated, expect a fever, and keep her from eating anything crazy/fatty.

I really shouldn’t bitch.  Stella’s poor nanny had to take Stella’s BFF to the ER last night, where they stayed, due to severe dehydration from what is probably the same thing.  Fingers crossed she gets released today and all will be well. 

In the meantime, I’m going to throw out the fish sticks.


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