Eee iii eee van Gogh

While I’m reluctant to urge Stella to grow up faster than she already is, there will be things about infancy and toddlerism (yeah, I made that word up) that I won’t miss.  The issues that come along with diapers are first and foremost on that list.

I know I wrote recently about runaway poo pellets and the like.   Her big thing now is she likes to try to help  mommy during diaper changes by reaching around and scraping poo off with her fingers.  I’ve heard horror stories of kids getting all Van Gogh in their crib with a poop palette, but have fortunately avoided that.  The worst thing is the hands….  You can practically see the individual fecal coliform colonies on her fingers and under her nails.  And washing a toddler’s hands WELL is beyond challenging.  If I hit the jackpot, I’m installing a tot-sized sink where she can stand and wash.  Now, I stand like a crane on one leg, balancing a wiggling kid, trying to desperately reach soap and water before she touches her face one more time.

Of course, it may be less of an issue of wanting to help me as it is pure delight and relief to get that diaper off her butt.  My poor kid has had quite the struggle with diaper rash.  Yeah, yeah… we’ve done everything we’re supposed to do – frequent changing and creams.  I also try to let her have “nekkid time” in order to give her little bits some air.  Invariably, she giggles and runs to a corner in the house where she promptly squats and pees.  Every damn time.  One day, she left a trail of poo across the floor when I was distracted running her bath water.  Being a mommy is certainly glamorous.


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