I must admit that we don’t watch nearly the amount of Bubble Guppies or Team Umizoomi that we used to.  We’re really trying to listen to more music, as Stella seems interested in her toy instruments that she has.  When we do have the TV on, she usually asks for her Baby Signing Time or Baby Babble DVDs.  That’s a good thing.  I guess because we’ve seen them so many times by now, my imagination is really wandering, and unless I’m occupied with my iPhone (or trying to get some domestic task done), I’m coming up with stranger and stranger thoughts.

For instance, the last time I watched Bubble Guppies, I noticed something off.  None of them have nipples (or at least not the “boys,” who have no tops on…I can’t speak for the “girls”) and only every once in a while is there the faintest suggestion of a belly button (and that seems to be erratic).  So what does this mean?  How do Bubble Guppies reproduce?  The lack of nipples and (occasionally) belly buttons suggest at the very least that it’s not a live-birth situation.  Maybe they hatch from eggs like fish?  I would think some kind of parthenogenesis, but there is the suggestion that at least some of them are male.  Perhaps if we’d ever see adult Guppies, we would have more of an idea.  As it is, the only grown-up figures are represented by Mr. Grouper, some bivalves, a gastropod, and some crustaceans.  That’s not helpful.

As for the adventures in Umi City, I suppose my mind is being at least subliminally affected by this year’s presidential election.  I keep trying to decide if Team Umizoomi are liberals or conservatives?  At risk of turning my silly parenting blog into a political forum (which I definitely do not want to do) I’ll ask you to bear with me and accept some very basic generalizations of the political parties and their followers.  The libs tend to be “do-gooders,” wanting to give things and do things for others.  The cons tend to have more wealth and most are work-a-holics in order to attain (and try to keep) this level of wealth, particularly as it’s taken from them by large amounts of taxation.  Again, just go with it…. 

Now in Umi City, each episode involves the Team helping out some kid with some problem.  Often it’s just them finding something and putting things back together.  That’s not quite as involved, but you never see them get paid.  They work pro bono.  However, in more than a few episodes they are using their own manpower, materials, and resources to outright give things to these children.  In one episode, they help a boy earn enough Umi dollars to buy a racer bike.  The Team earns the bulk of this money and just outright give it to the kid.  In another episode, they have to find a lost package and put enough postage on it to make sure it gets delivered to the kid’s grandmother.  In yet another episode, they have to go to the grocery store to buy ingredients for some OCD kid’s snack (a particular brand of yogurt, a small banana, and 8 blueberries….exactly!).  You never see them repaid for these errands.

Now we have actually deliberated (Will and I) at our house and can’t seem to come to a consensus.  On one hand, they’re out doing good deeds for their fellow man.  On the other hand, they’re working hard and having their resources used (taxed??) by these greedy children (the IRS??).  We’ll see if they have an election special.  Maybe that will help.  Maybe Bot will get involved in robocalling for a particular candidate or party and we’ll know for sure.


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