When you wish upon a car

Our adventure with language and the Speech Language Pathologist (hereafter SLP) continues.  Depending on the day, things are great.  Or not.  At the end of last week’s session (which didn’t go so hot), I got the progress report for May.  Granted, it only reflected 2 sessions.  It broke down our goals into 3 main areas: a set number of words uttered to identify objects or ideas, a certain percentage of times imitating what you say/do, and a certain percentage of time obeying simple commands.  The SLP has to rate what she sees.  I get that.  As such, we only got a “slight improvement” in all 3 areas.  Honestly, we’re all still struggling with the obeying of simple commands (surprise, surprise), but she’s attained the other 2 goals quite well, and is probably ready for those bars to be raised.    It’s frustrating to be rated on what is essentially a very brief snapshot of my kid’s week and I was feeling pretty discouraged.  Fortunately, therapy yesterday went great, and the SLP seemed really happy with what was happening.  She even wanted us to start pushing 2-3 word phrases vs. single words.  I am also proud to report that by the end of the day yesterday she had added “car” and “turtle” to her rapidly-growing vocab.

Beyond that, she just seems to be more in-tune with language and communication.  I don’t know if it’s the therapy or she’s just finally ready and things are starting to gel naturally.  When we sing Old MacDonald in the car, she moos when you say cow.  She neighs when you say horse.  Ironically, she won’t quack with ducks.  She just “gucks” with “gucks.”   I am also trying to impose a moratorium on cursing around the house.  Honestly, we haven’t paid it much mind until now.  Stella wasn’t talking, therefore our potty mouths were safe.  Now, with all of this imitation going on, we’re entering treacherous waters.  I wouldn’t want “guck” to become something far worse…


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