It was the best of times, it was the purse of times

I’m still often surprised at the things I hear coming out of my own mouth since becoming a mom.  One of the first times I ever just stopped and wondered if I had gone mad was when I caught myself saying “Stella, don’t hit the TV with your chainsaw.”  Before we had our elaborate system of fencing, she could reach the television.  She showed either her appreciation of or disgust (couldn’t tell which at that point) for whatever was on by banging on the screen with random toys.  On that occasion, it was her toy chainsaw.  Since then, her father has screwed the fencing directly into the wall (yeah, tacky) so that she can’t reach the TV.  Problem solved.

There have been lots of random silly things that you don’t catch until later.  Things like “Here’s your stick of butter.  Chew on it instead.”  Will and I both are trying to break ourselves of the sarcastic “Oh, thank you,” when she starts flinging food or does a table sweep of all toys.  While teaching her manners is desirable, those behaviors are not.

I think the latest one may take the cake.  We were running errands over the weekend, and needed a place to grab a quick bite before grocery shopping.  Stella hasn’t been eating much due to severe teething, so I figured French fries would go down easier than most anything else.  We went to the Chik-fil-A, as it’s the only fast food joint in town with an indoor playground.  We ate our food.  Stella ate some fries but barely touched her nuggets (which weren’t half bad).  I put them and some leftover fries in their box and said to Will, “Remind me to take the chicken out of my purse when we get home.”  Between the playground, the grocery store, and the 4 meltdowns in between, I forgot to take the chicken out of my purse.

I found it 2 days later.  Before it had started to rot, but not before my purse reeked of chicken.  Better than the time the cat peed in my purse, I guess.  And while my purse is definitely that of a mom – Gerber bars, broken crayons, a nu-nu, the odd plastic toy floating around in there – I can live without grease stains.


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