An eyetooth for an eyetooth

For the past week and a half or so, we’ve been dealing with a pretty severe case of teething.  From what I can tell, all 4 eyeteeth are working their way in.  You can imagine the results: sleeping problems, loss of appetite, the occasional runny poo blow-out, and wild and amazing mood swings the likes of which you won’t see outside of the realms of menopause or mental institutions.  Usually these teething sessions don’t last quite as long, but we seem to be in for a marathon.

During the great plague a few weeks ago, Stella reached the point where she had enough of taking medicine.  Hence, now that she needs Tylenol/ibuprofen more than ever, she won’t take it.  We’ve tried everything.  We’ve tried sweet-talking her.  We’ve tried holding her down with pure brute strength and shooting it into the back of her mouth.  She can hold that stuff in her mouth for easily 2-3 full minutes.  When your back is turned, it comes bubbling out of the side of her mouth.  It sucks.  My latest tactic is mixing the meds with a couple of teaspoons of strawberry ice cream.  It somehow feels creepy and wrong, feeding my little girl doped up ice cream, but it works.

The nights are getting really old.  I think only once in the last 10 nights has she made it through the night without at least one major awakening (defined by necessitating me to come get her and sleep with her either in the bed or on the couch).  Usually that isn’t even so bad.  Once she’s with me, she usually calms right down, snuggles up, and goes right back to sleep.  It’s nice.  It’s sweet.  Now, it’s like sleeping with an alligator doing a 20 minute death roll.  Almost as obnoxious is when she pulls her “cat routine,” whereby she decides she wants to be with you and touch you but you are not to touch her.  She will splay out across the bed or the chaise portion of the couch with one foot or hand touching me but I am not to try to put an arm around her anywhere.  This is problematic as I’m always afraid she’ll roll off the edge of whatever piece of furniture we happen to be resting on.  So, I have to wait, awake, for her to sleep so that I can wrap a hand around some extremity just in case.  I’ll be really glad when this is over.


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