Pulp Friction

Kids are constantly coming up with new tricks or idiosyncrasies that keep you on your toes and completely baffle you.  Food tends to be at the center of a great many of these.  Of course you never know what or if your kid will eat on any given day or meal.  But the weirdness doesn’t stop there.

Stella has always loved having at least one “precious.”  This is some random object which just makes her happy to tote around the house for hours or even days on end.  It was kind of cute when it was the plastic shovel or stick of butter from her kitchen set.  Some days it’s her Muno doll from Yo Gabba Gabba (even though she chews on his eye or hand in between hugging him “Of Mice and Men” style).  Lately, random chunks or pieces of food can quite easily become a precious.  I find this to be mildly strange and irritating.  Her father can’t stand it.  If he finds that a cookie or fruit snack has not been consumed within about 40 seconds after leaving the kitchen, he will usually eat it right out of her hand.   This causes an enormous – if not lengthy- tantrum.  You simply break her heart if you take a precious.  I’m more tolerant.  I figure unless it’s an ice-cream cone, piece of raw fruit, or other such gooey substance, who cares?  Hell, we spend about 3 hours a week sweeping and vacuuming as it is.  What’s one more precious?

One of her latest gags isn’t so amusing.  Once upon a time, I would go to pick up Stella from her nanny’s house.  Stella’s BFF would be eating slices of apple.  BFF would eat the meat or pulp of the apple and then discard the slice of skin (with small bit of meat still attached).  Stella would pick up the skin and eat that.  Kid variety symbiosis, I guess.  This past Friday I gave her some apple slices as a snack.  Shortly thereafter, I was walking through the house doing random stuff when I noticed I kept stepping on wet bits of something.  It seems my kid was eating the meat of the apple, masticating the peel, and then spitting it out in dribbles throughout the house.  While this was stupid, my new tolerant mom-thought on this was “Oh well.  This will soon desiccate and we’ll just sweep and vacuum it up along with the cracker crumbs and cat hair that’s everywhere else.” 

I wasn’t as amused yesterday when I noticed her nibbling cheese and leaving chewed up bits all over the place.  You’d think she’d realize immediately whether or not a snack was acceptable without pulverizing it first.


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