I Pink, Therefore I Am

My regular readers will know that since “pronoun day” (the day we had Stella’s anatomy scan and I found out her gender), I have had some mixed feelings about gender issues and raising a girl.  When I prepped her nursery, I was carefully to select things that were neutral.  Her early clothing was almost entirely neutral.  As she got older, I would put her in dresses but these dresses were never girly pink.  To this day, I want her to understand that there are more options than pink for her, and everything that that can bring with it.

I will readily admit: I have probably overreacted a tiny bit.  I have/had some baggage from a portion of my family; it always felt as if male children were more heavily valued – were given more opportunities.  Even this early, I have already been told “maybe this one will be a boy.”  And not in that “I have a hunch” way.  It’s a wistful way.   I also am in what was historically a male-dominated field. I’m happy to say that that’s no longer the case at all, but I can remember my mentor in college having discussions with me about that, to not let the “old timers” rattle me.

My regular readers may also remember my surprise and consternation when Crispi bought Stella her first “baby.”  She knew to feed it its bottle without any instruction.  Ah, nature.  This tendency has recently expanded with a vengeance with a profound fascination and appreciation for hats and shoes.  If either of us leaves a pair of shoes out, it’s fair game.  Same with hats, although just about anything can become a hat, including bowls and colanders. 

The other day I was feeling kind of bummed out.  It feels like her language progress has stalled to a degree.  She’s not adding new words as quickly as she was, nor is she stringing many together (since this episode she’s used “thank you” and “eat bacon” with some regularity).  I was sitting on the couch lamenting when I noticed her doing something entertaining behind me.  Her father had hung a mirror – low- just for her to play with (Design Star be damned!  This mirror is for the kid rather than “visual interest.”).  She had on a pair of my blue flats, a pink hat, and was clearly watching herself perform something.  After a moment, I realized she was singing and doing the hand movements for Itsy Bitsy Spider.  It was like her own little show.  I got some awesome pics.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I know lots of little kids perform, but the fashion accompanying this one took it over the top.  I hate to admit it, but it was super cute.  I do love my little girl.  I’d gladly take another.

Shake it


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