Different Strokes for Indifferent Folks

We’ve been lucky in how healthy and hearty Stella has been.  While that’s a function of nature more than anything, we have also tried not to coddle her too much.  We don’t want a wee little drama queen if we can help it.  I can remember when I was pregnant with her, I was given some wonderful advice from a bartender in New Orleans (I was having water, of course).  She had a couple of kids herself.  As we were chatting, she said one of the things she made a point to do as a mom was not to gasp in horror or make a huge fuss every time her kids fell down.  She would blow it off, scoff, and essentially tell them to suck it up.  At the time, I thought she was a cold bitch who probably should not have reproduced.  Now, I can understand her point. 

We’ve tried to under- (or not) react whenever there’s a spill or tumble.  Now, I can’t say that Stella’s toughness is a direct result of that or if she is just truly made of very stern stuff.  Regardless, this kid takes some serious hits – whether it be typical face-plants when running too fast or conking her noggin also while running too fast and misjudging distances but generally will not cry.  If she does, it’s usually a function of her not feeling well/being over-tired rather than feeling hurt or injured.  Just the other day I picked her up from her nanny’s and she was striped with scratches everywhere.  It seemed she had plowed directly into some rose bushes.  She didn’t care, apparently.  Yesterday, she had a fat lip.  Seems she and her daddy had a clash of heads that morning.  When he tried to clean her up with a cold rag, she only laughed at him (creepy). 

I think this is awesome.  It’s nice to have a seeming- bullet-proof little girl.  I need a “my girl can kick your boy’s ass” bumper sticker.  But while Will and I are used to it, we get some horrible looks from other mothers sometimes.  Whether it be at the Little Gym or an indoor playground at a fast-food joint, when Stella falls or bonks, the other mothers look horrified.  We say “yay, get up!” and receive more dirty looks than a man escorting his wife – complete with 2 black eyes – through the Wal Mart.  It’s as if we’re the least compassionate, most negligent parents in the northern hemisphere.  I think I’m going to teach Stella to stick her tongue out at such people and say “Ta Da!” when this happens.


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