You Wind Some, You Lose Some

Manufacturers of baby books are missing an important demographic.  For us southern/coastal moms, there really ought to be a page added which indicates “baby’s first hurricane.”  In all honesty, this is an important rite of passage, although the tots involved won’t likely remember.  Down here, we tend to wear hurricanes like badges of honor.  During the day yesterday while at the office, I heard tales of Betsy, Andrew, Ike, Rita, Gustav, and of course, Katrina.  In the Jim Cantore universe, it’s the equivalent of asking “where were you when JFK got shot?”  Speaking of, that’s when I knew we were getting hit: when I found out that SOB was in New Orleans.  He oughtta be banned from the state.

In any case, not to tempt fate, this one doesn’t look all that bad.  I feel a bit more anxious than I think I normally would, as this is our first major storm in this house.  I’d be a heck of a lot more terrified if we hadn’t gotten rid of the huge water oaks in our yard.  We’re as prepared as you can be minus having a generator.  We’ve stockpiled ice.  We have flashlights, batteries, candles, food.  The camp stove is handy. I can’t drink booze, so that’s off the typical prep list (sigh).  Later today I’ll probably run the dishwasher one last time (those things get stinky if they sit a few days without power) and make sure all garbage is outside and tied down.  I’m off work, so Stella and I will just hole up until Will gets home and enjoy the electricity and outside while possible.
That brings me to my one major point of anxiety.  It’s easy when you’re a grown up to entertain yourself with no power.  You can read.  You can sleep.  I don’t know what I’ll do if we lose it for days and aren’t able to indulge in Bubble Guppies or Baby Signing Times.  This is a big damn deal.  Compound that with the potential inability to go outside for a day or two and you have a volatile situation.  There are only so many time you can read about Olivia in Venice or stack the blocks.  Play Doh is currently on the menu (gross), so that’s out.

I’m just hoping this isn’t Gustav Jr.  Gustav sucked.  We lost power for 8 days.  We lost all perishable food and by the end, our house smelled bad (that mildew smell you get when you have no choice but to open windows when it’s too hot/damp).  We were also so bored we were about ready to chew off our own tongues.  Either way, we’ll live.  It just may get seriously un-fun for a while.

To all our fellow LA residents (and beyond), good luck and stay safe and sane.  We’ll see you on the other side.


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