Sweet Child ‘o Sign

Today is Sunday – the day of rest, or so they tell me.  Stella opted for the 4:30 AM wakeup call.  I disputed that.  I think 5:30 or, better yet, 6:00 is reasonable.  She usually wins these arguments.    We went into the living room and went through the usual morning motions.  I changed the baby, put her hair back in a rough ponytail so that the little hippie doesn’t run into the walls, and doled out a cup of milk and a snack.  You need a snack when you’re up so early, as the breakfast cart doesn’t roll until at least 7:00.  The cats got fed. I got a cup of tea.  I tried to read the paper.

I turned on the TV as I usually do.  For some reason, I try to keep the roaring dull so that Will can sleep.  Some days I feel a bit evil and daydream about what it would be like if I didn’t do that and daddy got to join the party to watch the sunrise.  I tried Team Umizoomi.  After no more than 5 minutes I was being dragged to the TV by my index finger hearing this cute little squeaky voice singing “baby, baby.”  That means it’s time for Baby Signing Time.

I’ve written about this before.  It started out cute and innocent enough with volume 1.  It went into the rotation along with the other usual suspects, and given our struggles with communication, I can’t really be too negative about it.  The kid has responded well to it and even now uses some of the signs.  For the past week, that’s usually what Stella wants to watch.  Again and again.  I hate Rachel de Azevedo Coleman.  I guess this is the way parents of tots in the ‘90s felt about Barney.  I know Barney still lurks out there from the dark days of the Viacom vs. DirecTV urinating contest, but I think he’s rather passé at this point.    

I have to give it to her; ol’ Rachel has created a winning product.  We’ve even sampled the versions for older kids- just plain old Signing Time- but they don’t have the allure of the baby version.  I think it’s that there isn’t enough singing.  From what I understand, she started this project/campaign after her own daughter was born deaf.  It’s a nice story.  I feel kind of guilty for my animosity.  I grit my teeth while I hear “In the Sky” for the umpteenth time this month already, and yes, it’s only September 2.  And then Stella tries to sing along and it’s just…..so……cute.

By 7:00, we had watched almost all 4 of the DVDs.  It’s going to be a very long day.


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