Feet Dreams

Our nighttime wanderings continue.  I’ve made more of an effort to keep Stella in her room at night, as I’m hoping if she gets used to sleeping in there, she’ll eventually be happy and comfortable sleeping there.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  For a month or so now, I’ve kept the futon (usually used strictly as a bench for stuffed animals or when Crispi comes to stay) pulled out and made.  When I lay her down at night, I just put her on the futon braced by pillows.  When I go to bed, I usually just go in there with her.  Some nights, she’s so rowdy that she ends up on our bed at which point I will not poke the bear.  Still, we’re at about 75% of nights spent in her room. I guess that’s progress.

When I prepped her nursery way back when, I wanted something cute and gender neutral.  When we moved into our house, I had painted the walls a very pale blue, as that’s what was left over from the living room.  This was before I was pregnant by a whole 4-5 months, and it is such a pale blue that it reads as a neutral.  Even after I found out I was carrying a girl child, I was not about to paint AGAIN.  So, I made cute polka dots all over the wall in bold colors – tangerine, lime green, magenta, and an almost royal blue.  It turned out really well, particularly for a non-crafty type.  I used 3 different sized plates as templates for the stencils, so they’re pretty large dots.

About 2 weeks ago when waking at night sometimes Stella started kicking at the wall.  I finally noticed that she kept putting her feet on the dots.  It’s like a giant vertical twister game for her.  Cute but obnoxious at 12:30 at night when you have to go to the office the next day.  Between that and the violent Exorcist-style rolling into the wall that she does, some nights are still long at my house.  As they say, I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

This makes me think:  maybe this is why teenagers sleep so much/long.  They are somehow charging their sleep batteries for the day when they may have children themselves.  Either that or they’re still trying to catch up from when they were rowdy little children keeping their parents up at night for years.


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One Response to Feet Dreams

  1. EB kicks the wall, too. No polka dots to aim for, so I can’t imagine how much banging I’d hear if she had something besides white walls on which to make footprints.

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