Monkey See, Monkey Two

At last, I’m getting around to posting about Stella’s second birthday party.  I was so lucky that Will’s parents agreed to host it at their house.  His mom’s family mostly lives all along one road about 15 minutes outside of Baton Rouge.  It’s much quieter and there are tons of kids all there on one private road.  I had originally thought of having it at our place, but by the time I invited all of those little kids, they would all be travelling to our location rather than just us having to drive there.  It just seemed easier.  I will also confess that I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I wouldn’t have to do a big huge clean in preparation for all the company.  I don’t know that my nerves could have taken that.

I had thought one of those inflatable bouncers would be a great idea for the little ones, and after some debate chose a Yo Gabba Gabba theme.  Hello Kitty was a close second.  I figured cupcakes and the small ice cream cups would be the way to go.  No utensils or major dishes required.  I baked a bunch of cupcakes and we decorated them in solid Gabba colors, finishing them off with candy eyeballs, a la the  monsters in Gabbaland.

Bounce, bounce, bounce

Gabba cakes

While we were getting ready, it occurred to me that there needs to be some kind of boot camp for advanced mom skills.  When you are pregnant, they offer all kinds of birthing and parenting classes.  We took the parenting class, in addition to the furious amount of research and reading we did to make sure we were ready.  But after that initial instruction on how to feed, bathe, and clothe your kid, they drop you off and wave goodbye.  What about cake decorating?  Gift wrapping?  Pumpkin carving?  I have serious deficiencies, damn it!  I want to be good at this stuff, but I need some help.

I got off easy.  I really did.  I know this.  But I still got all worked up about it and had some serious cupcake performance anxiety.  Regardless, I think the party was a success, particularly for a couple of parental birthday party virgins.

But back to Stella.  I was so gratified at all the people that showed up, particularly given how hot it was.  Will’s mom and I were lamenting that perhaps we should have done a water theme vs. the bouncer.  Of course, if we had, it would have been 70 degrees.  To my knowledge no one got sick from cupcakes and there were no serious injuries.

Look at those pink cheeks! Maybe next year we’ll have some kind of indoor party.

I’ll call this one the Two Year Itch or Fan on My Butt

Popsicle: Both cooling treat and accessory to birthday dress

She refused to open any gifts at the party.  I guess there was just too much going on.  I felt a bit badly about that, as many people want to witness the gift that they brought being opened.  I must say that she got lots of wonderful stuff.  I hate to single anyone out, but her nanny got her a pile of goodies that has been beloved by all in the household.  Stella has been dragging the magnetic drawing board around like a precious since she opened it.  She even got up several times that first night and tried to play with it in the dark.  Her nanny also got some fab Tshirts, including a new Gabba and Harajuku mini number.  Best of all, though, is her personalized Robot Stella shirt.  Maybe it’s the hormones but I almost cried when I saw that.  Maybe it’s good we did open them at home by ourselves.

I won’t open this present. You can’t make me.

At last: The loot sees the light of day. Note exhausted daddy in the back.

Despite my exhaustion, I’m having to battle my brain to start thinking about next year’s party…

All partied out




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2 Responses to Monkey See, Monkey Two

  1. ismommyinsane says:

    Your party looks so cool! I love the little star idea and I feel the same way. We live about 3 hours away from family, so we just travel up there on Easter and 4th of July to have birthday parties for the kids.

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