One Spit Wonder

My daughter has a spitting problem.  It’s gone on for months, and I’m kind of tired of it.  She will take a swig of water and slowly, deliberately create pools on the coffee table.  That’s the most common victim of the spitting.  The coffee table frequently becomes an indoor splash table.  There are exceptions to her favored target, however, and you can’t let her have a cup in the car seat for too long or you’ll be extracting a very soggy little girl when you finally get wherever it is you’re going.

I used to leave a cup of water out all the time in case she got thirsty.  It was great, although to be fair it’s that kind of “give her what she wants before she knows she wants it” action that probably set us back with verbal communication.  Anyway, she would periodically toddle by the coffee table, take a swig of water, and continue on her way.  Then came the spitting.  At first it was just water.  If you gave her anything else to drink, it was too precious to waste, I guess.  But then plain milk was spittable.  Now, about the only think she won’t spit out is chocolate milk.

Wasn’t me!!

I was hoping this was a phase, but after over 6 months of it, I’m not so sure.  I realize she’s exploring her environment and different sensations, but come on!  Anyone else have this problem?  When did it stop?


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