Good Trip Lollipop

We just got back from a late-birthday trip to Houston brought to you by Crispi.  I’ve attempted to compose a logical, flowing blog in my head, but it just ain’t happening.  Some observations, then:

–          Having a spare grown-up in the backseat with Stella makes things infinitely better.  Better in this case translates into faster travel.  While Houston was a bit further than the beach a couple of weekends ago, we made the trip in less time.

–          Regarding the Natural Science Museum:  INCREDIBLE.  Sure.  I’m a geologist/paleo nerd, so I’m pre-disposed to like this kind of thing.  Selfishly, their newly-revamped exhibit is what prompted me to even consider going to Houston in the first place.  WORTH IT!  I don’t know if the others  – especially Stella, who was missing her regularly-scheduled nap –  would agree that this  museum was worth the trip, but I sure as hell did.  Houston.  Who knew?

I know you said they’re extinct, but….

–          Regarding the Children’s Museum:  This had been another selling-point and justification for a family trip.  I learned when we arrived that it was rated the best kid’s museum in the US by Parents mag.  I was excited, and the plan was to hit it right after the science stuff.

As a new parent, your nerves go through a metamorphosis, particularly if you’re not already inoculated against the noise and chaos of little people.  I can almost envision my own neurotransmitters and synapses, now with a protective coating of kid-generated callous on them.  Most noise just kind of rolls off your back. 

I wrote a few weeks ago about that blasted Fisher Price talking puppy that would sappily shriek in the middle of the night.  That is an exception.  This children’s museum (on a SATURDAY DEAR GOD WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!) was another major, major exception.  I have never experienced noise like this.  A deaf person would be able to “hear” in there, as the noise was palpable, like those stupid low-rider cars with the huge bass stereos.  Only this had way more high-end to the noise.  My mom hid with the stroller leaving Will and I to chase our kid.

This was how I felt as we entered. I didn’t have the strength to take an “after” picture.

What we saw of the exhibits were impressive but I didn’t care.  I immediately began Facebooking things like “This is the subfloor of hell” and “my nerves are bleeding.”  When we left, I felt like one does after an extended amount of time on a boat in choppy seas.  You could still feel it.

–          The first night we were there I slept for 10 hours.  I don’t think I’ve done that since I was a junior in high school and had mono.  I laid down on our bed to put Stella to sleep and just never really got up.  I felt like a slug.  It was great.

My mother finally has a better understanding of why I’m ALWAYS SO TIRED.

–          While our travels are over with for probably at least a year or so, I must urge other “gestators“ out there to do better than I did with taking care of their needs.  My eating was horrible and I paid the gastric price for it.  I worried more about packing snacks for the kid out and about in the world rather than the one still residing within the bod.  Heartburn, nausea, everything is really much better if you eat regularly, smaller quantities, and sensible stuff.  Tex-Mex at 5:30 when you haven’t eaten in 6 hours is only begging for punishement.

–          The Downtown Aquarium was really very nice but short.  When we got to the end, all 3 of us were like “WTH?”  Stella enjoyed the “choo choo” ride a whole lot.  I’m thinking we should have done that Saturday vs the pit of hell/children’s museum and rode some of the rides instead. 

Throttling Daddy helps with the anxiety over the dim lighting at first. Soon thereafter, excitement about fish takes over.

As a final note, we WILL go back to Houston.  The drive from Red Stick wasn’t a bad one and there is tons there to do with kids.  I hear their zoo is awesome, but we just didn’t have time. 

Leaving the aquarium and Houston. In our cheesiest Arnold voice, “We’ll be back.”


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