A Gross By Any Other Name

Kids are gross when they eat.  Even once you get past the constant drooling and spitting-up of infancy, there is a whole world of nasty brought to you by your friendly neighborhood toddler.  Unlike adults, they have no concept of propriety or manners.  If something is deemed unacceptable, whether because of color, taste, or texture, it will be ejected – forcibly at times.

Sometimes it’s not so straight-forward whether or not a food is good to eat or not.  I’ve mentioned before that Stella will often take bites of apples, totally pulverize them, and spit out the pulp or peel.  It’s not every time, which makes it difficult to figure out.  It’s even more puzzling as she loves to eat apples.  I don’t get it.  Pickles have become the same way.  She will get very excited if you pull out the jar of pickles.  Often she’ll eat the whole pickle, no problem.  Other times the pickles get the apple treatment. 

What makes this more complex is that even once something goes in, gets chewed, and comes back out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s out for good.  I’ve seen her eat stuff – crackers, bacon, cheese, fruit – chew it, spit it out, eat something else, and then re-eat the chewed up blob in front of her.  The second time, she usually swallows it down no problem.

I’m starting to think that toddlers are part fly.  Since they really aren’t good at spitting on things with any great accuracy, they must bathe the food item in saliva in their mouth.  Then, it gets ejected where the pre-digestion can take place.



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