Male Call

So I’m working through the “oh man I’m having a boy” thought process.  I still feel really sad about all the sweet little clothes I won’t get to see again: the polka-dotted party dress, the navy blue fish bikini (not slutty Toddlers and Tiaras-style), the blue fleece suit with the pink elephant…  I also am mourning “her” name.  I just loved the name I had picked out.  Now I have to think of something else, and so far that just isn’t coming easy.

I mean, how cute was THIS???

Now this is a party girl…

I may have to wait until I can drink again before I put this bathing suit in the Goodwill bag. It’s just too painful.

No matter.  Baby Y will be wonderful, so it’s time to start adjusting my brain to the idea of him.

What is funny to me is that I’m having equally strong gender expectation aversions when I think of having a baby boy as I did/do to the feminine equivalent.  I have been so totally anti-princess, anti-diva, anti-“you are a girl, now go sit quietly and play with your dolly.”  It never occurred to me that I would have the same kind of angst about boy stuff.

It started to hit me this weekend, as I suffered through yet another football weekend.  This is a football town/state.  I just don’t get it.  Never have, never will.  But folks here plot and plan their entire lives around LSU games (and the Saints, but to a lesser degree I think).  Weddings, parties, even trick-or-treating for crying out loud become impacted by these games.  Folks here dress their wee ones head to toe in LSU gear.  While the kids are cute – hell, most kids you could smear with mud and straw and they’d still be adorable – I just don’t get it.  It’s a cultural thing.  I don’t get “Glee” either.

It’s not just specific team gear I’m worried about.  If you look at boy clothes, so bloody much of it has some kind of ball on it.  Along with all available shades of blue, it seems that every little boy should be able to recognize the taxonomy of all balls before he can sit up properly.  It irritates me.  I think I’ll have to enact a “no balls” policy (no wisecracks on that, please). 

Note: Lest you think I’m being all negative-nelly, I am excited that the boy stuff has more dinosaur options than they offer for little girls.  I have often lamented that with Stella.  All the good dino stuff is totally boy.

If Stella turns 5 and announces that she wants to be Cinderella for Halloween, ok.  If that’s HER choice, fine.  If BY comes to me at 5 and says he wants to play football or (better yet) baseball, ok.  That will be HIS choice.  I’d be equally as supportive if they want to play the cello (YES!!!), take karate, dance, or gymnastics, or enroll in a kiddo cooking class.  I just want them to decide rather than inject some “predeterminism” into the equation.


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