Don We Now Our Grey Apparel

The name thing is getting frustrating.  I know I have loads of time –or so I think – but as before, the name is a very important decision that I/we want to get right.  I will say this:  I think it was MUCH easier finding girl name candidates.  Maybe it’s because like shoes, there are simply more options for girls.  I don’t know.

I want a good, solid boy name, but nothing too common, too weird ,too biblical, or that just falls into that “WTF” category.  I’ve even been visiting those websites where they generate lists of baby names.  I never really did that before and it’s some crazy stuff.  You get lots of options for filters, such as meaning, country of origin, number of syllables (what?!).  Even selecting “English” in the origin category I’m getting “Aescleah” and the like.  Aescleah?  It may technically be English but that’s just a bit too out there for a suburban Louisiana couple.  There ought to be a “Close-Minded American” category.  I swear “Amygdala” was on one of those lists.  Maybe I ought to name BY “Epiglottis” or “Bile Duct.” 

I’ve looked at lists inspired by noteworthy professions and Nobel laureates.  Byron?  Maybe, if I want him getting his little butt kicked on the playground.  Many of the good scientists were European, so their names are a bit….gutteral.  I suppose if I were rich and famous I could name him whatever I wanted and would be praised for my “eccentricity” as I introduced baby boy Saltine Highlighter on the cover of People after being paid $100K. 

This all leads me to want to start my own baby name website1.  You know, for regular people.  If only I had any skill.  I’m hoping that as I experience more of his antics in there, I will be stricken with some stroke of naming brilliance.  Right now, he is he who cannot be named.  Maybe Voldemort?

1 As with politics, it seems that many of these lists/sites are very black or white, with little grey.  You’re either going to be a John/Mary or a  Mr. T/Swahili Rose.  The problem is, most of us are one of the zillion shades of grey.  I often long for a Grey Party.  I guess now, however, people would think of that as a deviant party of really REALLY  poor writers with butt plugs rather than a home for those of us in the middle somewhere.


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One Response to Don We Now Our Grey Apparel

  1. Ann Sanders says:

    I more than feel your pain. Boys names are rather bland and boring or eccentric and ass kicking worthy with no middle ground. When we found out we were having a boy, one of my gripes was that had he been a girl, I would have known the name immediately. Alas our bundle still doesn’t have a name worthy a birth certificate. My fear is that he is now and will always be “Baby”.

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