Home on the Strange

When I glance around my house, I have a cookie balanced on the remaining fencing between the living room and vomitorium.  There is a plastic dragonfly on the back of my couch1.  On my nightstand there is a toy tambourine and plastic stegosaurus.  Speaking of dinosaur, if you look REALLY carefully, the plastic T-rex on the kitchen counter has a cheerio in his mouth.

Do any of you remember or have those I Spy books?  They are/were pretty neat, featuring a collection of pictures with objects hidden around.  You could spend hours trying to find everything on the lists.  I sometimes feel like I could contract out my house to the Scholastic Book Company to photograph their next several editions.  Only I guess my house is lacking the eye-catching color schemes or themes.  There is just random stuff absolutely everywhere and anywhere.

Some of this is self-induced.  I think as first-time parents and by extension for our parents, the first time grands, there is a tendency to indulge the kid.  When you factor in the speech delay and our desire to encourage communication at any cost, I’m still surprised we don’t have a pony in the backyard.  As an example, one of the first non-Bubble Guppies that Stella adored was Grover.  Thanks to her parents and grandparents, we soon had an army of Grovers all over the house in about 4 different sizes.  We still have an army of Grovers despite the fact that Grover is totally passé at this point.

Will is funny.  He usually runs around spouting off that our kid is “overstimulated” and needs no more toys, ever.  When I try to bring up Xmas, and what is Santa going to bring Stella, he says nothing.  She needs no toys.  Yet who, just in this week, has gone out with her in the mornings to procure a basketball, plastic dinos, and a pumpkin (not a toy, but still…)?  He has also recently provided bugs (see note below) and a dino book.  I, meanwhile, am trying to find time/energy/help to sort through what we have now and decide what can stay for Stella, what can stay for BY, and what just needs to go either via Goodwill or the trash.  He’s bringing stuff in faster than I can purge and sort, damn it!

I can’t find many of my shoes, further impairing my ability to leave for work in the morning, since Stella likes to mix and match shoes a whole lot.  It’s not uncommon to find her in one of my sandals and one of her daddy’s crocs (he doesn’t wear them outside of the perimeter of our yard).  The problem?  Where is the other sandal/croc.  Typically one puts shoes together.  Now they are not together.

I guess all of this is normal in the realm of the great toddler filing system.  I hesitate to ask “what will I find where next?” but I know better.  It could be a turd on the DVD player or a crayon melted in the silverware tray of the dishwasher.  One day, perhaps our house will cease to be so Bizarro. 

1 We are totally into bugs right now.  This is in no small part due to our beloved friends at Baby Signing Time Part 3 and the “I’m a Bug” song.  Will has brought home large plastic bugs for her to play with.  I’m glad she won’t be squeamish about bugs, but I can’t say the same for myself when I catch a glimpse of the realistic-looking cicada or roach laying in the middle of the kitchen floor or coffee table.  Meanwhile, she had been given a bee costume for Xmas last year and now regularly requests that I help her put it on.  This pic shows the costume worn OVER her bug pajamas.



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