Hail to the (Mis)Chief (not a political blog)

We seem to be experiencing a renaissance around here – a golden age of mischief.  My darling daughter is becoming quite the scamp.  Instead of this being the usual sigh-and-roll-your-eyes kid stuff – the poop in the tub variety – this is deliberate. 

As an example, at least 2-3 times daily we have a round of “can’t catch me” around the couch.  Our couch is sort of sectional-ish and is in the center of the living room.  We’ve always played on and around the couch, building forts, jumping, and playing hide and seek.  Now, Stella uses the couch as a weapon.  If I’m trying to take her water from her due to incessant spitting, she runs and laughs.  I guess it’s hard for me to channel and harness my best disciplinarian “I mean it” voice when I’m huffing and puffing in circles after her like a big lummox.  I become slower by the day whereas she has the opposite problem.  While it may be bad Feng shui, this shit is getting pushed against a wall THIS WEEKEND. 

When reading the updates and emails about what to expect from my toddler, they love to talk about dressing and how kids should want to do it themselves.  Not my kid.  She can, mind you, she just chooses not to – same with utensil feeding.  I don’t know if I can call it laziness or the conservation of energy for her own diabolical purposes.  With dressing, once you catch her (see previous paragraph) you have a fight on your hands.  Getting garments off is no big deal.  Putting a shirt or dress on her is like doing so to a gator during a death roll.  She literally will death roll while you try to put her arms into the sleeves.  With diapers, there is lots of kicking and bucking.  I’m hoping with that one I can “sell” potty training when I point out that she won’t have to stop moving for diaper changes once she learns to go to the potty. 

Shoes are magic.  She’s been into shoes now for ages but now her taste is becoming more sophisticated and less random.  By that I mean she now will choose which shoes she wants to wear and manages to select 2 of the same kind.  I got a text at the office yesterday from her father who had a shoe meltdown on his hands.  It seems I had not yet taken the now-too-small black Hello Kitty mary janes out of the bin and those were The Ones yesterday.  It got bad.  Crispi just sent a new pair of rain boots that are much beloved.  If you don’t help her put them on on demand, she will throw them at you.

I don’t know what to do about hair.  That’s not my strong suit, anyway.  I’ve often said I myself am not girlie enough to have hair.  My current plan for both Stella and myself is the grow it out and stuff it in a ponytail approach.  My kid has a lot of hair.  She used to tolerate my putting sloppy ponytails/pigtails into hers.  Now? Nope.  She will run like a rabid muppet to avoid hair time, foregoing all but the sloppiest ponytail.  She’s a mess.  We’re both a mess.

I guess as is the case with everything, we will all adjust to these new behaviors.  In the meantime if you see us and her shoes and hair are crazy and I look like a disheveled behemoth, don’t pay us any mind.  We’re having growing pains.

What? Me bad?


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