ADDition and Subtraction

This is one of those collection of random thoughts.  Sorry.  I’ve got too much swirling around in the old noggin for a nice, cohesive post.

1. First and probably most significant:  I’m a big pansy and have not yet taken my follow-up 3 hour glucose test.   As I reviewed my lab orders, I noticed that this was one of the barbaric labs that insisted on blood draws each time vs finger sticks.  I don’t do blood draws well, particularly on top of fasting.  I’m a weenie.  Sue me.  I had read some stuff on Google written by poor women that had been forced into the 3 hour with the blood draw labs and they were all basically destroyed for a day or more.  It seems it’s rotten enough without that added stressor to your body, and in my case my psyche.  You have to fast longer and the sugar spike goes higher followed by a more dramatic crash.  Anyway, while it was perfect on paper for me to do it this AM while Will could watch Stella and neither of us missed a lick of work, we both agreed that I’ll just have to go Tuesday this week.  I hate that I haven’t sucked it up and gotten this merde over with yet, but this is the better alternative for me.

Moving on.

2. I finally have gotten to sort out all the old clothes in Stella’s closet.  Most of it had/has to go.  I have very little left that BY will be able to wear.  Seems that even though I’ve avoided a lot of pink, there is the issue of boys not wearing dresses (typically) or leggings.  We’re gonna need boy stuff, particularly after the newborn phase.  That may be about 2 weeks post-birth if he’s anything like Stella.

3. My kid is hooked on the Brainy Baby Xmas DVD.  We’ve tried one or two other titles, but nothing else works.  Anyone else have suggestions?  Baby Einstein has been deemed unacceptable as has the Muppet Christmas. 

4. In league with that, we’re baking and decorating some cookies and gingerbread either today or tomorrow.  In the Brainy Baby movie, there are scenes of cookie baking and Santa eating them.  Stella seems pretty fixated on this.  It’s not fancy – just the cut and bake stuff along with some basic sprinkles and white icing- but I’m hoping she’ll get a kick out of it.  They’ll probably be hideous and funny.  If all goes well, maybe all our family and friends will get a batch of Stella’s Ugly Cookies (SUC) for gifts this year.

5. Will is entering his rotten time of year, retail and all.  While I’m used to him working some extra special hours sometimes and not being able to travel anywhere at all, this year seems sadder somehow.  I guess it’s Stella.  I realized yesterday that she and I will be alone the day after T-giving and the day after that, as well as other assorted days.  Usually I just hole up when he works and sip some wine, address cards, wrap gifts, and watch Xmas movies.  This year no wine, obviously, and with my ongoing battles with fatigue I think trying to be an inventive and entertaining mommy will be difficult.  I guess since she does seem so much more engaged in some of these ideas, it’s just a shame there won’t be two parental units to do stuff with her and take her places.  Our neighbors put their lights up a week ago (damn overachievers) and she’s smitten with this.  I can’t wait until we can take a ride in the one-horse open SUV and look at neighborhoods at night.  At least we still have most Saturday and Sunday evenings available.

Sorry for the ADD and sad, y’all.  Enjoy your weekends


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2 Responses to ADDition and Subtraction

  1. kalinesblog says:

    I am not having the gestational diabetes test (currently 27 weeks). You can choose not to if you wish. With the debates on benefits it’s worth reading up on 🙂

    • larva225 says:

      Thanks! You know, I’ve thought about it, particularly since it seems higher birth weight/complications during delivery is the most serious risk. Since I’m having a repeat C section anyway, the point is moot.

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