Wanted: Bread or Alive

After a week of obsessing and worrying about it, I finally went in to take the 3 hour glucose tolerance/gestational diabetes test today.  I passed.  In fact, I did so well they turned me loose after 2 hours.  It seems if you pass 2 out of the 3 hours (not including the initial reading), you are deemed ok.  To start, they want you under 80.  I was 74.  After drinking the syrup with a whopping 100 g of glucose, I sat for an hour.  BY was angry. I alternated between feeling pretty queasy and cracked out.   After an hour, I was tested.  For that reading they want you under 180.  I was 134.  That second hour was the worst.  By the time the timer went off that next time, I could barely keep my eyes open or form a coherent thought.  They want you under 150 for that one, but I cannot for the life of me remember what my number was.  I just know it was well below that.  Fortunately I passed, as I said, so I was free to go.

Some random thoughts:

  • Having to fast so long like this really makes you  feel for those who do not get to eat the recommended 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day, particularly when you’re the Knocked Up or a little kiddo.  I went a total of about 15 hours and felt horrible.  I guess in my defense, the super high sugar rush followed by the spectacular crash doesn’t help.
  • That being said, you have to wonder if the above process is really the best way to go about this for the Knocked Up.  Don’t judge but once upon a time I loved to watch boxing.  Vicarious bloodlust, I guess.  Anyway, I was always horrified about how the fighters would starve and dewater themselves to “make weight” and within 24 hours put back on up to 15+ pounds.  It seems dangerous.  The same could be said for this crazy sugar high/sugar crash for anyone.  Spending copious amounts of time on Google researching all this mess (wouldn’t you?), I read horror stories of women throwing up, passing out, throwing up while passing out.  In some cases, their doctors deemed a retest “too dangerous.”  Can’t they just weigh a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and feed us that?  Wouldn’t that be better for the old body?
  • I had been kind of beating myself up for not putting on my big girl panties and going Saturday morning, scared off by blood draws.  I had gambled – and won – that my doc’s lab would do the finger stick.  Sure enough, when I talked to the lady while getting stuck she confirmed that.  So not only did I save myself 4 traumatic (for me) blood draws on top of an already uncomfortable and unpleasant situation, A) I would not have found out my results for several days, and B) would have had to sit for the full 3 hours as they wouldn’t have known I had passed the first 2 readings.  WTF?  Why wouldn’t you finger stick EVERYONE?  I have read that some labs indicate that you don’t get as accurate a result with the finger method, but hell…if it works for Wilford Brimley, why not me?  Anyway, after learning all that, I’m glad I went this route.  Sure, I’ve had to burn a day of leave at work, but it’s probably worth it.

With that, I’m off to pick up some nice starchy lasagna at the store and then go get my kid.  Maybe we’ll go see her daddy at work and get a piece of cake.  This is actually the longest I’ve been home alone without my kid since she’s been born – that’s over 2 years.  I just ate then napped and then slugged about a bit.  I feel spoiled like Paris Hilton.  It’s time to get back to the world.


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