Speaking Havoc

There is so much to teach a kid.  And so much of it involves things that you just never think about directly.  For instance, as we’ve been dealing with having Stella evaluated for things and speech therapy, I have often felt like a horrible or lacking mother.  Not because we were being evaluated or in therapy, but because it’s not always apparent that Stella understands what’s going on due to losses in translation.  Even differences in “mama” vs “mommy” – or “mommeee” as is the case in my house – or colors vs. crayons can make one wonder if your kid is really “getting it” while being questioned.  As another example, we have always said “pee-pie” vs. “peek-a-boo.”  Stella finally showed her spirit of cooperation by dubbing any and all games of hide “peek-a-pie.”  At least now she will play hide with whomever no matter what they call it.

During therapy, there is often a lot of singing.  I’m always embarrassed that my kid doesn’t know all the “normal” songs.  Sure, we’re huge fans of Itsy Bitsy and Twinkle Twinkle but we don’t sing Old Susanna or If You’re Happy and You Know It.  It just wasn’t really on my radar, therefore it’s not on Stella’s.  She looks mystified whenever the therapist breaks into Bingo.  In our defense, though, my kid can sing Beat on the Brat. 

I worry about letters now, since ABCs are quite the hit around here these days.  She can identify any letter in any orientation as long as it’s capitalized.  Now I guess we have to learn lower-case letters.  Bummer.  And some of the educational materials are so bloody strange and certainly not one-size-fits-all.  While we study up on Xmas videos and books now, snow is everywhere.  But in Louisiana?  Not so much.  That’s just wasted ink, my friends.  Frosty down here would be more likely to be comprised of spent oyster shells vs. snow and probably smell a whole lot worse.

A Combine Harvester? Seriously DK Flashcards? A F’ing Combine Harvester? I think my 2 year old could get into MIT one day without knowing that at this phase in her life.

You just never really stop and think about how many ways there are to communicate a single object or idea.  It’s almost not fair to little kids that there’s not some kind of standardization.  I suppose this is on my mind a great deal as we embark on potty training or pre-training.  One thing I’ve read is that we need to be totally consistent with what we’re calling the different parts, bodily functions, and accoutrements.  So Will and I will be having poop and part summit at some point in the very near future.


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