Mule-Tide Carols

Yesterday the holiday season officially ended at our house.  What about New Years, you say?  Who cares?  Will and I (together) have never been big celebrators of that.  Once upon a time, I always felt compelled to go “do something” because that was what one HAD to do.  I’d usually end up somewhere where I felt uncomfortable after getting stressed out about it and then get depressed while I was there as my mind felt compelled to take stock of the passing year.  No matter what had happened, I always felt I hadn’t done or accomplished enough.

Once together, Will and I tried to go out and do a few things.  His family that live on the private road often have a big shindig at which there is food, drink, fireworks, and a bonfire.  Then?  We both got angsty about driving 20 minutes each way with the drunks on the road after hours.  And now I don’t even want to think about having my speedy child loose around a bonfire and fireworks – or out on the road with those same drunks.  We also tried going out to eat once or twice but quickly decided that was a lousy idea.  Why go eat when it’s so crowded you can’t talk to each other, with limited menus and frantic wait staff?  If we’re going to spend money on dining out, damn it, I want it to have the best chance possible of being a nice relaxing meal together that I don’t have to prepare or clean up after.  Ultimately, I guess I/we am/are too practical1.  This year we’ll do what we always do: we went to Whole Foods (splurge!) and got a nice piece of fish and some beautiful produce which I shall cook here at the house tonight.  Will is supposed to be home from work by 6:00-6:30. I’ll be in bed by 10:00 at the latest.  I am such a rock star.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be a New Years buzz-kill for those of y’all that are into it!  This is about the end of my holiday season.

Yesterday was the annual Great Holiday Purge during which all evidence of Xmas disappeared in a flash. As much as I adore my Xmas decorations and having the lights lit inside and out at night, I’m ready for THAT MERDE TO GO when it’s over.  I know superstition dictates we’re supposed to wait until New Years Day to remove that stuff but I never ever wait that long.  I guess I’m just not superstitious enough.  See footnote 1.  Once the big day is over, the house just starts to feel claustrophobic and cluttered.  I don’t need help achieving that look, particularly since becoming a mother.  Anyway, I yanked all the inside stuff and Will went out to remove the midway lights, snowman, and illuminated flamingo.  I kind of figured Stella would be upset about her stocking and the tree coming down, but she didn’t protest.  I did assure her we’d see this stuff again in less than a year.

Now that it’s over?  It was great.  My biggest complaint, other than this slight lingering funk that the germy bastards eventually gave me, is my back.  My back is killing me.  I’m sure BY is a huge portion of that on top of the de-Xmassing I accomplished yesterday.  I also realized during the season that as a mom – particularly on my office days – I’m ALWAYS SCHLEPPING SOMETHING AROUND.  Purses, lunches, offspring both in and out of my body, laptop bag, bags of Xmas gifts, packages that other people have sent to my house because I live in a safer neighborhood, the shopping bag of Xmas cards I’m trying to find time to address and send.  That won’t change anytime soon, although at least I can now omit the holiday-related items on the above list.  Soon I’ll be wearing an infant at times in a sling/carrier and can add the old breast pump back into the mix.  Seriously?  Next year I want a mule for Xmas.  I don’t think I’m kidding right now.  Check with me in October before you buy, though, OK?

In the meantime, for those of y’all that will be out carousing and making merry tonight – and those of you who won’t be – I wish you all a safe and happy evening and a fantastic new year to come.  May it be better and more joyful for us all.


1 This is a huge reason why I don’t get all into Valentine’s Day or any of the other myriad of holidays we’re supposed to celebrate.  I’d much rather someone buy me a rosebush that I can plant and enjoy for eons than an overpriced bouquet of flowers that will die in days just because someone decided that was a magic day to do such a thing.  This is also a big reason why we did the Vegas wedding thing.  Why blow money on a big wedding?  It’s just so not my thing.


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2 Responses to Mule-Tide Carols

  1. Like you, I also am glad to be relieved of the burden of feeling like I ‘have to’ do something on NY eve. When I was younger and single, I felt NY eve looming and if I didn’t do something, it was as if there was something wrong with me. Yuck.

  2. Tonight I am celebrating by going to see Floydian Slip… a Pink Floyd cover band. I’m pretty excited! I normally don’t do anything too crazy other than hang out with family and friends. =)
    Haha, you ever heard about how some of those people who wait to go see the new year’s eve ball drop in New York are wearing diapers? Some of them apparently wait for days. XD

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